(Wo)Men for All Seasons (2015)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Lacey, WA


Men for All Seasons will take place at the Regional Athletic Complex in Lacey on May 23rd.

This event is not sanctioned with USA Ultimate; memberships are not required.



Registration is now closed.  Contact the TDs with any questions: menforallseasons@discnw.org.


Men for All Seasons caters to masters and grand masters teams.  Mens teams with players 18 and older are permitted.  This year there will be a small women's division.  Please contact the TDs with any questions at menforallseasons@discnw.org.


  • There is plenty of parking onsite, but carpooling is always advised. 
  • There is a bathrooms building with a water fountain near the fields. 
  • We will not have a trainer on site.  The field map (from last year) notes the locations of the nearest hospitals.  
  • Food and refreshments will not be provided, so please make your own arrangements.
  • DiscNW now requires that all participants complete an online waiver.  Details will be sent to team captains. 
  • Please contact us at menforallseasons@discnw.org with any questions.
  • Registration is now closed.  The team fee is $78.84.


This event will use the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules.

This is an adult event in accordance with our Team Event Participation Policy.  Please refer to our policies page for a list of other policies that may apply to this event.

Tournament rules:

These rules are tentative and may change.  Team captains will be notified of any rules changes.

  • Games are played to 17 points, win by 2
  • Point cap at 19
  • The hard time cap is at 1 hour 40 minutes after the round start time: finish the current point to determine winner, play one more if tied
  • 2 timeouts per half, timeouts are 90 seconds each
  • Everyone must complete a participation waiver.  Captains were emailed with details.