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Team Tournament
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Magnuson Meadow

This is a the registration page for the DiscNW Fall HS Boys' League JV Jamboree.  Registration for this event is limited to teams playing in the Fall DiscNW HS Boys League.  

This is a no frills, round-robin style tourney held at the Sports Meadow at Magnuson, 8-5pm.

Registration is now open. All teams will be waitlisted so that we ensure only JV level teams are admitted. Teams will be admitted on a rolling basis. If you have more than 1 JV please fill out a separate registration for each of your JVs.

Registration closes September 18th.  


Here is a pdf copy of the Sunday Schedule.


The 2016 Boys JV Jamboree will be a one day round robin event. Team fee is $100/team. Each team will get 4 games on the day with 2 byes, provided we don't have an odd number of teams. Games are to 11 points.


  August 22

  Team registration opens - all teams will be waitlisted and admitted on a rolling basis to ensure fair competition.

  September 14   Financial Aid applications are due. Register here: https://www.discnw.org/events/1029/.
  September 18   Team registration closes. Team fees due.
  September 20   Tournament schedule released.
  September 25   JV Boys Jamboree at Magnuson Sports Meadow


We will be using the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules.

  • 75mins from posted round start to HARD CAP
    • Hard cap means finish the current point, if tied play one more point, otherwise game ends.
  • Games to 11, point capped at 13
  • 2 timeouts per half