Fall Team League (2011)

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The Fall Team League is for new or established teams. Teams are divided into four divisions based on ability so that opponents exhibit a similar level of play.

Fall League is coordinated by Steff Neff and Shiney Joseph.

Regular season games will run through 10/30. Playoff games start on 11/5, continuing on 11/12 with Finals scheduled for  11/19/2011.


Finals is here! If your team is not scheduled to play during finals weekend, encourage your fellow teammates to come and watch the finals.

Teams seeded 1-4 in each of the pools will have a game on 11/19 either at 5:30 or 7:30 pm.

Detailed bracket information as well as the scheduled game time is posted along side each pool in the News section on this page.

A few games will not be listed with the general schedule because opponents will not be determined until Saturday: 

ETL vs winner of A2/A3 at 7:30 pm at Shoreline Center A.1

Sidecar Winebar vs A3 at 7:30 pm at Shoreline Center A.2

All other game times are posted on your team's respective page.

Good luck!


Playoffs Standings - Week 2


A Pool (Bracket Information)




4 Sidecar Winebar

5 Blue Footed Boobies

6 Guard Seize Them

7 Space Invaders

8 Bad Hammer


B Pool (Bracket Information)

1 Deadliest Catch

2 Huckin Easy


4 Toolbox

5 Bad Pull?

6 Boom

7 Vince

8 Genghis Khan Wild


C Pool (Bracket Information)

1   Fish Is Meat

2   Warped Disk

3   Cluster Huck

4   Barrel of Monkeys 

5   Che

6   Tongue & Gruv

7   Pan-Galactic Groove Squad

8   Badger


D Pool (Bracket Information)

1   Tacomatose

2   Disc Ninjas

3   Autocorrect

4   Stella! 

5   The Huxtables

6   Inertia

7   More Cow Bell

8   Tsunami


E Pool (Bracket Information)

1   Huckminster Fuller 

2   Lord Geoduck, Son of Bezerker

3   What The Huck?!

4   Hammer Time

5   Chaos Theory

6   All In The Family

7   Mother Huckers

8   Just the Tip




  • This is a coed league, and all teams must play with a 4 men :: 3 women gender ratio for all games.
  • Games will be on Saturdays from early September - mid November (the specific dates will be confirmed soon, but we expect to have a 10 week season)
  • Playoffs will probably be the last 2 weeks of the season.
  • There will be 3 or 4 divisions of play based on team skill level depending on registration.


We will use mostly synthetic turf fields in Seattle, Shoreline, and Marymoor for the league this year.  A few games will be on grass in Shoreline and Seattle. Games will be scheduled to start between 10 am and 7:30pm and most of our field reservations are for 5:30 and 7:30 pm.

Field permits can be downloaded here:



Online registration for teams is now closed. Registration does not mean an automatic acceptance of your team into the league.

The team fee is $725.  Payment may be made online or by mailing a check to DiscNW, Attn: Fall Team League, PO Box 85112, Seattle, WA 98145.

Looking for a Team?

Are you a player in search of a team for the season?  Your best bet is to post a note on the bulletin boards.  See this post for helpful hints.



We will be using the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules.

Fall League Rules:

  • All games are played to 15, win by 2. Hard cap at 17.
  • Time cap is 15 minutes before end of game…add 2 points to the highest score and play to that…hard cap is at the end of game time (i.e., 2 hours after game start time)
  • Foot-blocks: yes
  • 30 min. forfeit rule (playing down players is acceptable)
  • One player - one roster! A player can only be listed on one team's roster. This isn't Winter League.
  • All pickups (non-roster players) must be cleared by the opposing team's captain prior to the game.
  • No pickups allowed in playoffs. All players must be on your roster during playoffs
  • 2 timeouts per half; mirror half.  Timeouts are 90 seconds.  Timeouts are allowed in the cap, but keep them short!
  • The Coach Rule is in effect for the league this year. A player from A/B pool may be a coach-player for a C/D/E pool team to help spread skills and knowledge across the pools. Due to schedule constraints, we are unable to promise avoid scheduling overlaps for games between the two teams.
  • Players must be 18 or older to participate.  This is an adult league in accordance with the DiscNW Team League Participation Policy.

Please start and end your game on time