Fall Seattle Public Middle School League (2012)

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Congratulations to the following league champions!

Pinehurst had a perfect spirit score of 5 for the regular season and finished its Ultimate season 4th place in the A2 division.  This is Pinehurst's third consecutive year winning the league Spirit trophy.

Spirit scores for the season have been made visible, so all teams can see how they fared over the regular season.  South Shore B was the runner up with a 4.6 average, and seven teams scored 4.5.

Aki Kurose defeated South Shore K-8 7-5 in the final.  This was after both Aki Kurose and South Shore defeated teams from longtime reigning league champion Asa Mercer Middle School in the semifinals.

Aki Kurose B defeated Washington's A division team in a close final game, 5-4.  Notably, Aki Kurose B came off a 5-1 record in the regular season B division to win a playoff division that included 4 A division teams and Mercer B, who handed them that one, early-season loss.

McClure came out strong in post-season play.  After a 2-4 season, with one of those regular season wins being a one-pointer against their finals opponent Hamilton B, McClure allowed no more than 3 points from any opponent in the playoffs.

Jane Addams overcame a mentally challenging 2011 season, when they were 0-6 in the A division, to win the 2012 C division final 7-3 over Orca.  Orca's finals appearance is also noteworthy, since they returned to the league in 2012 after missing the 2011 season.

After Salmon Bay 6th ousted the #1 seed Washington 6th in a close, 7-6 semifinal victory, South Shore 6th defeated Salmon Bay 7-1 in the final.

Aki Kurose's 5th team gave the school its 3rd championship for the season, with a 9-4 victory over TOPS 6th.

Whitman 6th avenged an early season loss to Hamilton 6th by defeating Hamilton 7-4 in the 6th grade C division final.

This coed league is sponsored by, officially sanctioned by, and limited to the Seattle Public Middle Schools.  This is a coed league, with a 4 boys:3 girls on-field gender ratio.

Your League Coordinators are D'Arcy Gholston, Dexter Chan, and Wynne Scherf.  You can reach all coordinators (including adviser Connie Aleman) at

All regular season games will occur on Saturdays between 8:00am and 5:00pm at Ingraham High School and, new this year, between  8:00am and noon at Franklin High School.  Download the fields permit here.

Important Dates

  • September 6: Mandatory coaches' meeting (4pm at the John Stanford Center, 2445 3rd Ave S)**
  • September 12: Registration deadline
  • September 17: Schedule available on the website
  • September 22: First day of games
  • October 7: Mid-season game and spirit scores due for B and C divisions
  • October 8: B and C division teams reseeded and schedule released for last three weeks of regular season play
  • October 27: Last day of regular season
  • October 28: Game and spirit scores due for all divisions
  • October 29: Playoff schedule released
  • November 3 and 10: Playoffs (at Ingraham HS only)

**Coaches will receive 7 free team discs at the mandatory coaches' meeting.  There will not be an opportunity to receive these after the meeting.  If a coach cannot attend, please arrange for a substitute adult respresentative to attend.

Score Reporting

Online game score and spirit score reporting is required.  You must be listed as a coach on your team's webpage in order to report scores, which requires a DiscNW user profile.  The tutorial explains how to add coaches to your team webpage, and how to report scores once a coach has been added.  If you still need help, contact your League Coordinators at the email address listed above.


All schools must register their teams at this website to be included in the season schedule. Click on the "Register Now" link below to register. The registration deadline is Wednesday, September 12.  If you need support techical support for registering, read this illustrated tutorial.

There are several administrative requirements for Seattle Public School coaches and volunteers.  These will be reviewed in detail at the coaches' meeting, but we recommend getting an early start.  Click here for information.


Additional Opportunities to Play

  • Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma has a 6th grade only team that would love a few games after school with any MS age group or skill level, November through April. We are happy to host and are willing to drive up to Seattle for games right after school. We can arrive at away games as early as 2:45 pm and can host as early as 2pm any weekday. Contact: Christopher Hoppin, Charles Wright Academy, 7723 Chambers Creek Rd W, Tacoma, WA 98467,(253) 620-8403,


  • All coaches are required by law to be trained in the nature and risk of head injuries and concussions.  You can view the video and read other resources at the DiscNW Lystedt Info Page.

  • We will play rain or shine.  We will not play in dangerous conditions, such as lightning.  If you are uncertain about game status, call the DiscNW rain hotline at 206-504-3472.  No recent updates means that games will play as scheduled.


Below are basic rules and guidelines. Specific details will be discussed at the coaches' meeting.

This league uses the Official Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition, with the exception of timeouts (see below). USA Ultimate provides many resources for learning the rules (click on "Official Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition" above to access these resources).

  • Gender Ratio: There must be 4 boys and 3 girls on the field, unless coaches agreed on an alternative arrangement prior to the game. If coaches cannot agree, revert to the league standard. Teams that cannot field 4 boys and 3 girls must "play down" (i.e., compete with fewer players) to meet the gender ratio.

  • Supervision: Teams are required to have an adult coach present at all games. The head coach must be at least 21 years old (assistants 18 years old) and must have completed all district prerequisites.

  • Field Rules: The most commonly broken rules are no dogs on athletic fields, and no food on synthetic fields. Please follow these and all posted field rules, or we could lose our field privileges.

  • Score Reporting: In order to be eligible for post-season play and for the league Spirit of the Game award, a team must report all of its game scores and Spirit scores promptly. Scores for the entire season must be reported no later than 11:59pm on the Sunday following the last Saturday of regular play (so, Sunday October 28).

  • Point Total & Game Times: Games are to 11 points.  At 80 minutes (10 minutes before the next round), a horn will blow to signify the hard cap.  [EXCEPTION: For playoffs, the rounds are shorter, so the horn will blow at 60 minutes.] Teams should finish the point when the horn is blown. If the game is not tied at the end of the point, the team that is ahead is the winner.  If the game is tied, play one more point ("universe point"). 

  • Time Outs: Each team has two 3-minute timeouts per game.

  • Cancellation/Forfeiture: If a team must cancel a game, notice must be given to the League Coordinator and opposing coach by Thursday before the game. Multiple violations of this rule may result in a team's expulsion from the league. Teams may play with as few as 5 players, but any fewer than that at 20 minutes after game start time is considered a forfeit.  Scores for forfeited games should be reported as a 1-0 loss for the forfeiting team.

  • This is a player-officiated sport. Coaches, subs, and parents cannot stop game play or make calls from the sideline. Coaches may provide rules clarifications when a call is made and discussion ensues, but coaches may not provide an opinion. Coaches are responsible for teaching rules at practice.

  • This is a non-contact sport. Incidental contact occurs, but unlike soccer and basketball, blatant bumping and physicality are not acceptable. Please play safely and avoid contact whenever possible.

Ultimate is governed by the Spirit of the Game. All teams are ranked by their opponent on their spirit after each game.  It is customary to follow a competition with a fun cheer or song for the opponent, or with interteam mingling in a spirit game. It is expected that all players and coaches will exhibit respect for opponents, knowledge of the basic rules, and willingness to discuss more advanced rules. Parents also contribute to a team's spirit score! Here are the spirit guidelines:

5 Highest level of respect shown throughout game towards opponents, officials, and spectators. For the level of play, showed excellent knowledge of the rules and abided by them throughout the game. Any conflicts were resolved amicably and without incident. Opposing team's conduct added to our enjoyment of the game. The opposing team unfailingly played fairly and with an excellent attitude.
4 Respect shown throughout the game towards opponents, officials, and spectators. For the level of play, showed above average knowledge of the rules and abided by them throughout the game. Any conflicts were resolved favorably and without incident. Opposing team's conduct did not detract from our enjoyment of the game. The opposing team played fairly and with a good attitude.
3 Generally exhibited respect towards opponents, officials, and spectators. For the level of play, showed adequate knowledge of the rules and abided by them during the game. Any conflicts were resolved plainly and without incident. Opposing team's conduct generally did not detract from our enjoyment of the game. The opposing team generally played fairly and with a decent attitude.
2 Exhibited a lack of respect towards opponents, officials, and/or spectators. For the level of play, showed a lack of knowledge of or disregard for the rules at points during the game. Any conflicts were resolved heatedly or led to contentious incidents. Opposing team's conduct detracted somewhat from our enjoyment of the game. The opposing team played unfairly and/or with a poor attitude.
1 Exhibited a major lack of respect towards opponents, officials, and/or spectators. For the level of play, exhibited no knowledge of the rules or blatantly disregarded them during the game. Conflicts were resolved acrimoniously or led directly to contentious incidents. Opposing team's conduct made the game basically unenjoyable. The opposing team played unfairly and their attitude was abysmal.