Fall Seattle Public Middle School League 2009

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Team League
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Congratulations to the league spirit award winners, Aki Kurose B!

Congratulations also to the following division champs:

A Pool Champion: MERCER A
B Pool Champion: MADRONA
C Pool Champion: MCCLURE
D Pool Champion: TOPS C

This coed league is sponsored by, officially sanctioned by, and limited to the Seattle Public Middle Schools.

Your League Coordinators are Connie Aleman and D'Arcy Gholston.  You may contact them at the email listed above.

All games will occur on Saturdays between 9am and 4:30pm at Ingraham High School. 

This year, all schools are required to register their teams on the DiscNW website.  Click on the "Register Now" link below to register.  The registration deadline is Tuesday, September 15.

This season we are also requiring online game score and spirit score reporting.  You must be registered as a coach of your team on the website in order to report scores.  Your League Coordinator can provide you with a handy illustrated information sheet explaining how to perform these functions on the website.  Contact your League Coordinator at the email address listed above.


Playoff Schedules

Download the playoffs spreadsheet here.




This league will use the UPA 11th Edition Rules.  If you need a rules booklet for your use on the field, or if you would like a rules quiz, please contact your League Coordinators (see email above).

Please contact your League Coordinators to obtain a copy of the league-specific guidelines.

The gender ratio for this league is "offense calls." "Offense calls" means that the offensive team decides the gender ratio before the point begins. Before the pull, the team receiving the disc can choose to play a boy: girl ratio of either 5:2 or 4:3. If the receiving team has 4 or more female players, (not injured or sick) present at the game, it must play a 4:3 ratio when it is on offense. The receiving team may choose to play a 5:2 ratio only when it has 3 or fewer female players present at the game. Teams should encourage participation of female players so that a 4:3 ratio can be met as often as possible. The defensive team (the team pulling the disc) must match the gender ratio selected by the receiving team. If the defensive team does not have enough players of each gender to match the ratio, then it must play with fewer players against the receiving team's 7 players. In other words, the defensive team cannot play with more girls or more boys than the receiving team has on the field. The coach of the full team may do any of the following:

  • Play with seven, even though the opposing team has fewer players.
  • Choose to play with fewer than seven as well.
  • Allow the opposing team to pick up players from different teams (from the same school only) to make a full seven.
  • Insist that the small team play with only their team members.

Dogs are not allowed at the Ingraham High School fields.