Fall Geographic Hat League (2006)

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Hat League
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The fall hat league is for individual players of all skill levels. Captains volunteer and are assigned to teams before the league starts. Prior to the first league game the league coordinators create rosters based on the neighborhoods in which players reside. Each team will have 8 men and 6 women.


Congratulations to the Ballard team for winning the 2006 Fall Hat League Championship!

Playoff Results

Main Bracket

Tacoma def. U-District 13-10
Ballard def. Wallingford 15-10
Capitol Hill def. Greenwood 13-7
Bellevue forfeited to Lake City

Tacoma def. Lake City 15-10
Ballard def. Capitol Hill 15-6

Ballard def. Tacoma 15-12

Consolation Bracket

South Seattle defeated the combined strength of Queen Anne, Central District, Ravenna, Redmond, and Shoreline.


Your 2006 Fall Team League Coordinators are Chris Burke and Emery Lin. They can be contacted at



  • This is a coed league, and all teams must play with a 4 men :: 3 women gender ratio for all games.
  • All games will be on Sundays.


Online registration opened on Monday, July 31 and will close September 6.

Please be aware that, because of the geographic nature of the hat league, you are not guaranteed to play with the person you sign up with.

The player fee is $36 per team. Payments can be made via check by sending one to us with your team name on the memo line at...

  • DiscNW
  • Attn: Fall Hat League
  • PO Box 85112
  • Seattle, WA 98145

We also offer the ability to pay by credit card.To pay by cc first log onto DiscNW... go to your player page... click on the "Pay Now" link under the "Player Registrations" heading... then it should be pretty obvious after that.


We have fields in South Park and Shoreline booked for the league this year. Sadly, the sports meadow at Magnuson Park is not available for scheduling this fall.


Once again we will be using the UPA 10th Edition Rules.

  • All games are played to 15, win by 2. Hard cap at 17.
  • Time cap is 15 minutes before end of game