Dangle Wrangle (2006)

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Hat Tournament
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What da heck is it? Well this here is one highly spirited, highly competitive, all-male hat tournament for every cotton-pickin' mule disc wrangler in the greater NW area.

Why in tarnation would I want to do that? Ultimate in the NW is geared toward co-ed/mixed play. Many of the male ultimate players in the area may never have experienced the camaraderie and high competition that exists when playing single gender disc. If your only experience of ultimate is pickup, then you are in for a surprise - this will not be just "pickup," a number of the region's best players will be on each team, so bring your A game and be ready to run. Don't be scared, all you little whippersnappers - this here will be fun and you are sure to learn a lot.


Your tournament directors are Sonja Kellen, Melissa DiGioia, and Mike DiGioia.


Questions? Contact .


When is it again? Sunday, December 10, 2007. Sign-in starts at 8 am sharp so get there early so's we can start the darned thing by 9.

Games are being played at the lovely Marymoor park in Redmond. Games are on soccer fields 10 and 11. If you enter the park from West Lake Sammamish, the fields are on the left, near the Velodrome.

How many games do I get for my pesos ($20 in advance, $5 more at the fields) you ask? Well sit right down and think about four bronc-bustin' games to 15 and for the pluckiest of the lot a fifth game for all the glory. That there's a lot of pesos for only one day of play, ain't it? Y'all remember this here's a fundraiser.

I'm just a young cowpoke? No problem! Just be sure to print and sign this form and mail it to us at:

ATTN: Dangle Wrangle 2006
P.O. Box 85112
Seattle, WA 98145

What else? Warm beverages, soup, fruit and the mandatory bagels will be available -- enough to keep your feed bags full for the duration.

There are a limited number of spots, field space for 8 teams of 12 players/team, so sign up right quick.


We'll use the UPA 10th Edition Rules. The mandatory spike rule will be in effect as well! Yeee Haawww!!