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Kyle Weisbrod began playing ultimate in 1993 at Paideia. He quickly became passionate about the sport and competed for the US U19 team in 1994 and 1996 before attending and playing for Brown University (1998-2002).

After college, Kyle immersed himself in ultimate as he moved to Colorado to begin working at the USAU (formerly UPA) as their first Director of Youth Development (2002-2006), playing for Johnny Bravo (2002-2006), and founding and coaching Monarch HS(2004-2006).

While at the USAU, Kyle developed much of the current outreach and competition structure for youth ultimate including state championships, the Coach Development Program, the Youth Club Championships, and the PE Outreach program. 

At the end of 2006, Kyle moved back to Atlanta where he returned to Paideia to coach the Varsity Boys (Assistant, 2007), JV Boys (2007), and Varsity Girls (2008-2011) as well as the Atlanta YCC teams (2007, 2008). In Atlanta he played briefly for Chain Lightning (2007) and Bucket (2008-2009).  During that time, he also served on the USAU Board of Directors and was heavily involved in the 2006/2007 Strategic Planning process and the 2010 College Restructure. 

In 2011, Kyle moved to Seattle. He served as the head coach of the US U19 Women's team (2012, 2014) and is the current coach of University of Washington Element (2013-Current) and the Director of Disc Northwests, VC Ultimate Leadership Training Camp. 

Since 2005, Kyle has provided analysis for NexGen Network, CBS Sports, CSTV, and Ultivillage and he currently write at Ultiworld.  Kyle brings a wealth of playing, coaching and organizational experience and knowledge to the VC ultimate Leadership Training Camp.  

Kyle first encountered Dartfish at a Physical Educators conference in the mid-2000's and began thinking of how to apply the powerful technology to the sport of ultimate.  He partnered with Disc Northwest in fall of 2014 to launch the VC Ultimate Leadership Training Camp and began using Dartfish extensively for both strategy and skills analysis.  

Since that time, Kyle has analyzed over 100 throwers and written a four part series on the forehand in Ultiworld, which has become the definitive resource for that fundamental throw.  

You can follow Kyle on twitter @kdubsultimate