Winter Women's League (2016)

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Hat League
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Seattle, WA

Women's Clinic

Friday, Jan 8th will be Winter Women's League's 3rd annual women's clinic. It's a great way to kick-off the league season! Women who are not registered for the league are also welcome to attend this clinic, for free. All participants must have a signed waiver to play and need to be 18+ years old.

Beginner Sign-up

Intermediate Sign-up

Instructor Sign-up

  • Location: Lower Woodland Playfield - Soccer 02 (Turf field next to the skate park)
  • Planned Schedule:
    • 4-hour version: 6:30-10:30p 
    • 2.5-hour version (early): 6:30-9:00p 
    • 2.5-hour version (late): 8:00-10:30p


The skill sessions will be broken up into beginner and intermediate groups, so you'll be learning and practicing with your peers. The mini and scrimmage rounds will be combined with all women in attendance, including the instructors. We're pleased to announce that Ren Caldwell of Ren Fitness will be present to lead warm-ups and offer strength and functional movement skill sessions. Please thank the volunteer instructors for their time and energy into making this all happen!

Beginner Instructors 

  • Lindsay Lang
  • Erin Armstrong
  • Natalie Powell
  • Julie Wesclif
  • AJ Beard
  • Ashley Wilson
  • Mikaela Wingard-Phillips

Intermediate Instructors

  • Ren Caldwell
  • Anna Snyder
  • Caitlin Cordell
  • Anna Nakae
  • Cate Roscoe
  • Sarah Griffith
  • Jen Cogburn
  • Charlie Eide
  • Jillian Goodreau
  • Alyssa Kelly
  • Becky Nelson
  • Gwen Ambler
  • Fiona McKibben
  • Julia Snyder