Winter Women's League (2015)

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Hat League
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For the second year, Winter Women's League will host an optional, FREE clinic before the season starts. In 2015, the clinic will be held on Friday, January 9th at Lower Woodland Park #7. There are two sessions, one geared towards beginners and one geared towards intermediate players. Both sessions will consist of a warm up, multiple drill stations, stretching, and strategy chalk talk. The topics were chosen based on the suggestions provided in your WWL registration responses.

Attendees: Whether you are assigned a spot in WWL, are still on the wait list, or have signed up for the sub list, you are welcome to attend! The clinic is free, but all attendees must have a DiscNW waiver signed. Please use this link to register for a specific session:

Instructors: All instructors for the clinic are volunteers from the league itself. Make sure to thank them for sharing their knowledge of the game!

The beginner session is 6:30-9:00 pm with sign-in starting at 6:00. Topics include:
  • Catching
  • Throwing
  • Offensive basics (positions and basic cutting for handlers and cutters)
  • Defensive basics (force, marking, person defense)
  • Chalk talk: ho stack, endzone, and zone defense basics
The intermediate session is 8:00-10:30 pm with sign-in starting at 7:30. Topics include:
  • Hucking/deep cutting/reading
  • Breaking the mark
  • Defensive positioning
  • Cutting technique
  • Chalk talk: dump sets and power positions

A huge shout out to Alyssa Kelly for coordinating the clinic this year! If you have any questions, please email her at