Potlatch (2014)

Team Rebel Alliance

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conor kelly
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In 2013, several members of TIE Penguins, a southern California mixed team from the Inland Empire, desperately wanted to play Potlatch. Begging, pleading, and foraging of players from other teams quickly commenced in order to put together adequate numbers to compete. TIE had an amazing time enjoying the spirit of ultimate, sense of community on and off the fields, and running into former teammates throughout the weekend. While TIE Penguins still exists as a club team, several of us wanted to maintain that sense of community and extend it beyond Potlatch. In January 2014, a Facebook group started to keep our players connected as we scattered to New York, Tulsa, Madison, and other points throughout the country. The intent of the group was always be able to form a team continue to play as many fun tournaments throughout the country as we can with skilled and fun players. As Rebel Alliance, we competed in Trouble in Vegas. Despite lacking a winning record, friends talk. Now with 65 members, Rebel Alliance players become hooked up with a team for Poultry Days, and, hopefully, Potlatch and Wildwood this summer.