Potlatch (2014)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Redmond, WA


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101 DamnAsians  yes  yes Accepted
A Game of Throws  yes  yes Accepted
All Knight Dance Party  yes  yes Accepted
American Blade-iators  yes  yes Accepted
Animal Rock Party  yes  yes Accepted
Apawcalypse Meow  yes  yes Accepted
Arcade Alliance (originally S.H.A.F.T.)  yes  yes Accepted
BBN  yes  yes Accepted
BEARHAWKS  yes   yes Accepted
Beaver Fever  yes  yes Waitlist
Bellidactyl  yes  yes Accepted
Big Dill  yes  yes Waitlist
Blue Sky Fun Lab  yes  yes Waitlist
Boshintang  yes  yes Accepted
Brave Heart  yes   yes Waitlist
Bush School Softball  no  no Waitlist
Centennial  yes  yes Accepted
CHRISTMAS IN JULY  yes  yes Accepted
Circ Disc  yes  yes Accepted
Daisy Dukes  yes  yes Accepted
Danger Zone (originally USA! 2014)  yes  yes Accepted
DC Bullets  yes  yes Accepted
Desert Lorax  yes  yes Accepted
Disc Me  yes  yes Waitlist
East Meets West  yes  yes Waitlist
Emergency Bourbon  yes  yes Accepted
Entropy Punch  yes  yes Accepted
Fish Is Meat  yes  yes Accepted
Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies  yes  yes Accepted
Fools and Horses  yes  yes Accepted
Fringo  yes  yes Accepted
Game of Throws  yes  yes Accepted
Grand Meister Potlatch  no  no Waitlist
Grinnellephant Graveyard  yes  yes Accepted
Hashtag No Memories no   no Waitlist
Homegrown  yes  yes Accepted
Houston Mythbusters  yes  yes Accepted
Huckin Easy (Putin Easy)  yes  yes Accepted
Humboldt's High Society  yes  yes Accepted
Imps and Hodors  yes  yes Accepted
Jazz Picnic  yes  yes Accepted
Kite Fight  yes   yes Accepted
Lake Hollywood Kennel Club  yes  yes  Accepted
Less Talk More ROK  yes   yes Accepted
Like a Smile  yes  yes Accepted
Live Free, D'oh Hard  yes  yes Accepted
Liquid Hustle  no  no Waitlist
Lords of the Latch  yes  yes Accepted
Madtown Boozehounds  yes  yes Accepted
Marauders  yes  yes Waitlist
MenaTwerk (originally Alphabet Soup)  yes  yes Waitlist
Metro Retro  yes  yes Waitlist
Montana's Channel 4 News Team  yes  yes Accepted
Natural 20's  yes  yes Accepted
Nexgen  yes  yes Accepted
Ohio Jones  yes  yes Accepted
Olympia  yes  yes Accepted
OOI  yes  yes Accepted
Open The Door  yes  yes Accepted
Pants Off! Dance Off!  yes  yes Accepted
Parkland Quality Beats  yes  yes Accepted
Piñata Party  yes  yes Accepted
Polar Vortex  yes  yes Accepted
Prairie Buccaneers  yes  yes Accepted
Professor Booty  yes  yes Accepted
Rainmakers  yes  yes Accepted
Rebel Alliance  yes  yes Accepted
Rentsonvacay  yes   yes Waitlist
Rocktopus  no  yes Pending
Safety Committee  yes  yes Accepted
School of Swag  yes   yes Accepted
Serenity Now  yes  yes Accepted
Shady Oaks Retirement Center (originally Big Love)  yes  yes Accepted
Shut Up, We're Wizards!  yes  yes Accepted
Skysharks  yes  yes Accepted
Slush Crushers  yes  yes Accepted
Smartwhore  yes   yes Accepted
Space Invaders  yes   yes Accepted
Spring Break Oh Nine  yes  yes Waitlist
Solo Bueno  yes   yes Accepted
South Beach: Vice  yes   yes Accepted
Southern Hospitality  yes  yes Accepted
Stache  yes  yes Accepted
Stella! The Pirate King's Daughter! (The Next Generation)  yes  yes Accepted
Stick Figure Family  no  no Waitlist
Sturgis or bust  yes  yes Accepted
Suck it, Trebek!  yes  yes Accepted
Sweet Hearts  yes   yes Accepted
Taco Dance Fitness  yes  yes Accepted
Tarantino Universe  yes  yes Accepted
Team Fisher Price  yes  yes Accepted
Thanksgiving  yes   yes Waitlist
The Amazing Spider-Men  yes  yes Accepted
The Beavers  no  no Waitlist
The Big Huckowski  yes  yes  Accepted
The Force  yes  yes Accepted
The Sobrusters  yes  yes Accepted
The Virgins  yes  yes Waitlist
Thunderhorse  yes  yes Accepted
Toolbox  yes  yes Accepted
Twincest  yes  yes Accepted
Ultimate Without Borders  yes  yes Accepted
UPA Jam  yes  yes Accepted
Vegan Ren Faire  yes  yes Accepted
Vince (Vincess Bride)  yes  yes Accepted
Wastrabi  yes  yes Accepted
Yanomiami  yes  yes Accepted