Winter U19 and U15 Club League (2014)

Event Type
Hat League
Event Start
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Tryout Information

Date, Time, and Location

**NEW** In order to balance the size of the tryout groups, all 14-year-olds are encouraged to attend the U19 tryout, regardless of birth date. Many 14-year-olds will likely still be placed in the U15 division for league play, but we ask that all attend the U19 tryout if possible.  You do not need to attend both tryouts.

     *Please arrive early, sign all waivers online, and make all payments online to expedite and ensure adequate time for your check-in.
Skill and Experience
  • No minimum age or experience level is required to try out.
  • Coaches reserve the right to decline a tryout experience to players whose safety is in question (e.g., players who are significantly smaller or more inexperienced than the majority).
  • It is probable that all players will be assigned to a team for league play. However, the makeup of the tryout pool will determine the skill and physical stature required for league play. If there is a disparity of player sizes or skill levels, some players may be asked to sit out this season. If registrations permit, we will assign players to skill-based tiers.
What to Bring
  • Your registration fee, if you have not already paid it online.
  • A signed medical authorization form, if the parent/guardian gives permission for medical professionals to treat his/her child in the parent's absence.
  • A white shirt and a dark shirt so that you can match the shade of your teammates during scrimmage.
  • Soccer cleats (no metal cleats, please). These prevent you from slipping on wet terrain.
  • Plenty of water.
  • A Snack.
  • Non-cotton, athletic layers. Cotton soaks up moisture, and as we know, it can rain during any Seattle season. Layers are important because the weather can change at any moment, and we'll transition a lot between running and non-running activities. No jeans, please!
  • Weather-appropriate clothing. We don't want to see people in shorts when it's 40 degrees and pouring outside. If it's cold and/or wet, bring a rain coat, rain pants, compression gear (tights and long sleeves), a heavy jacket, gloves, hat, etc.
  • A disc (optional). We will provide some discs, but if you have a favorite, please bring it. Make sure to write your name on it with a permanent marker!
Tryout Plan
  • Warm-Up with Mini Ultimate
  • Rotating through Two Drills*
  • Scrimmage
  • Rotating through Two More Drills*
  • Final Scrimmage
     *Drills will focus on individual skills, including throwing, marking, field awareness, and cutting.
Coach Expectations
  • Generally, throughout the tryout process, coaches will be looking for positive attitudes, coachability, and the willingness to be a good teammate. Coaches will describe specifically what they are looking for before each drill.