Winter Women's League (2014)

Event Type
Hat League
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Each week after the Friday night games, all players and their friends (21 and over) are encouraged to meet up at a featured bar.  This season, each of the 8 weeks have been assigned to a particular team to pick the bar for the league and designate a theme for the night, if desired.

Week 1  Jan 17 ||   Primrose Everdeen

Kate's Pub (309 NE 45th St)

Week 2  Jan 24 ||   Simon says: the bar is mandatory The Duchess (2827 NE 55th St)  
Week 3  Jan 31 ||   Boy Band BoomBox Pies & Pints; Monkey Pub  Theme: Hawaiian
Week 4  Feb 7 ||   Team Bean Teddy's Tavern (1012 NE 65th)  Theme: USAAAAA
Week 5  Feb 14 ||   Polar Bear Vortex Scarlet Tree (801 NE 65th St)  Theme: Roses are Scarlet
Week 6  Feb 21 ||   Sh'Somthin' Wedgwood Alehouse and Grill  Theme: Hall Pass
Week 7  Feb 28 ||   Sharknado Dante's (5300 Roosevelt Way NE)  
Week 8  Mar 7 ||   T.B.D. Moon Temple (2108 N 45th St)

Theme: Tasty rainBow. Dance.

End of season PARTY!