Winter Women's League (2014)

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Hat League
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For the first time, the league is hosting a women's clinic before the season starts. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

  • 7:15-9:15 pm
  • Lower Woodland Park #7
SIGN-UP as an instructor or player, for either the beginner-level or intermediate-level track on this sign-up sheet.
Beginner-level Track
Players will go through all of the following stations:
  1. Basic throwing skills
  2. Basic catching skills
  3. In/under & out/away cutting
  4. Marking with a force
  5. Pivoting to throw to a dump
  6. Basic offensive positioning
Intermediate-level Track
Players will chose 4 of the following stations:
  1. Throwing deep/hucking
  2. Breaking the mark
  3. Defensive positioning
  4. More adv. throwing skills
  5. More adv. catching skills
  6. Reading the disc/skying
  7. Handler cutting
  8. 1v1 cutting skills
  9. More adv. marking skills