Team Bring Back Pluto

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Marc Umeno, Tanya Gilstrap
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As we all know, a group of undisclosed evil scientists have decided to turn our entire lives upside down by telling us that when we were in third grade and made that model of the solar system, that small little rock on the outside, better known as Pluto, doesn't really belong there. We can't just let this happen...Poor Pluto!

Team Schedule — Winter Team League (2011)

When Where Against Score
Lower Woodland Park 2a Autocorrect Unreported
Magnuson Park 7B (Seattle) Huckminster Fuller and the Dymaxion Projection Unreported
Magnuson Park 7B (Seattle) Dawgs Unreported
Magnuson Park 7B (Seattle) El Caballito Unreported
Magnuson Park 7B (Seattle) More Cow Bell Unreported
Magnuson Park 7B (Seattle) Bride of Bezerker Unreported
Bobby Morris 2 BUF Unreported
Miller Playfield 2 Disc Ninjas Unreported
Miller Playfield 2 Boom Unreported
Lower Woodland Park 2b Badger Unreported
Lower Woodland Park 2b RAM Ultimate Unreported
Bobby Morris 2 Disc Ninjas Unreported

Roster — Winter Team League (2011)

25 players (15M/10F)

Team Bids

Event Bid Date Bid Status Paid
Spring Team League (2011) Assigned
Winter Team League (2011) Assigned
Fall Team League (2010) Assigned
Summer Team League (2010) Assigned
Spring League (2010) Assigned
Fall Team League (2009) Assigned