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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)



Why split by age group instead of grade?
In the past we have split by elementary school, middle school, and high school. Our experience has taught us that age is less confusing. For example, some sixth graders are in middle school and some are in elementary school.

Can my child sign up for an age group they are not in?
Yes, it has happened in the past that a child is younger or older than their classmates and would rather be in the same session as his or her friends. There are also some younger siblings that are comfortable playing with their older siblings. However, we generally don’t take campers younger than 10.

Are there camps for children younger than ten years old?
Yes, Seattle Parks, specifically Montlake Community Center, runs a couple camps:

What does “Boys Future Elite” and “Girls Future Elite” mean?
This is for the high school aged campers that are playing or plan on playing single gender ultimate in high school. Some of these campers may also be aiming to be member of the girls’ or boys’ team that represents Seattle at the annual National Youth Club Championships. (Seattle has won the last three Girls National Championships and 2 out of the last 3 Boys National Championships.) Generally the campers in these sessions are either experienced Ultimate players or strong athletes from other sports who are crossing over into Ultimate. If it is apparent on the first day that there is more than one skill level in a session, the groups will be split up to provide better session experiences.

What does “Coed Recreational” mean?
This is for high school aged players who are either beginners or who want to play in a coed setting. If there are not enough girls signed up for this session then campers will be given the option of participating in the single gender groups.

Why is there no single gender for the younger kids?
Girls and boys who are going to be in middle school during the ‘08-‘09 school year currently only have opportunities for coed ultimate. It is possible upon approved request for a more advanced younger player to opt up to the “future elite” session if they have the appropriate skill and maturity.

Who are the counselors?
Our counselors are mainly experienced local coaches many of whom played in the local youth scene and are now playing in college and beyond. As counselors commit to coaching this year we will add brief biographies for each.

Who are the camp co-directors?
Mike Mullen and Roger Crafts are the co-directors and founders of the Seattle Youth Ultimate Camps. Roger coaches the high school boys team at Seattle Academy and is a three-time national Ultimate Frisbee champion in the open division as a member of Seattle Sockeye. He played for Carleton College before coming to Seattle. Mike Mullen is the founder of the Ultimate program at The Northwest School. He coached The Northwest School Boys team to three State Championships and two Western US Championships. He also coached the Seattle under-19 boys team in its first place finish in the 2007 Youth Club National Championship. Mike currently coaches middle school at The Northwest School where he is a teacher.

Do I need to turn in a hard copy of the waiver?
No. As long as you check the waiver box when you sign up online you do not need to turn in a hard copy. Our lawyers tell us that online waivers now suffice.

Why Patagonia jerseys for campers?
Patagonia Silkweight Capilene jerseys are currently, and have been for the past several years, the most popular ultimate jersey on the market. Many of the elite local teams wear Patagonia. Our campers during the past couple of years have been very pleased with their Patagonia camp jerseys. Here is a link to Patagonia Ultimate.

Do I need to pay when I register?
No, but paying right away assures a spot in the session. Credit card payments go through right away. Checks usually take a week to process. Two weeks prior to each session all campers should be paid up. Those who sign up in the two weeks prior to a session should pay at that time.

Are scholarships available?
Yes. Please contact the co-directors for more information.

What is the weather policy?
Camp may be cancelled due to extreme weather though that hasn’t happened yet. We make plans for safe shelter on days when lightning is forecast. On hot days we make sure to have enough shade and we take extra breaks for hydrating and rest. We also suggest sunscreen, well ventilated headwear, and shatterproof sun glasses for all campers.

What is the individual cancellation policy?
We request notification as soon as a registered camper, even if they haven’t paid yet, finds out they are unable to attend their session.

What is the refund policy?
If given two-weeks notice, we give full refunds. All cases within the two-week time frame or after a session starts are decided case-by-case. We try to be very accommodating in these situations.

What steps are taken to ensure the safety of the camp participants?
Safety of our campers and counselors is our first priority. Our counselors have first aid training and we will have an onsite manager for the Magnuson dates since those have so many campers.

Can my child choose to be on the same team as their schoolmates?
Generally speaking we are open to a child opting into another age group session, but within those sessions we encourage campers to make new friends especially because community is such an important aspect of Ultimate Frisbee.

How early and late are counselors at the fields?
Counselors are expected to be at the fields at least 15 minutes before each session starts. We require all campers to be picked up no later than 15 minutes after a session ends each day though at least one counselor will stay at the site until all campers have left the site.

Why Magnuson and Genesee for locations?
Magnuson is an excellent location because it is large enough to accommodate all of our age/skill levels at the same time. We added Genesee because we wanted to add a South Seattle option even though it is only one field.

Will more camps be added?
If there is enough demand we will offer other sessions. We may also add sessions in other cities if there is enough demand.

Is there maximum number of campers for each session?
Yes. The Genesee date is limited to 40 total campers. The Magnuson dates are limited to 170 total campers. We can add other locations if there is demand.

Do the questions regarding “school information” on the application refer to the child’s post-summer year or the pre-summer year?
That is for the pre-summer school year. The information is used to make sure that all schools with programs have received word about the camps.

Lunch and Snack?
Campers bring lunch and a snack with them each day. We take a mid-morning break for snacks. We also take at least 30 minutes for lunch.

Can I hire the camp to run a special event for birthday parties, family reunions, school functions, etc?
Yes. We have done this in the past and we are willing to do it again. Contact the camp directors for more information.