Spring Reign (2008)

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Team Tournament
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We will be playing by the UPA 11th Edition Rules. We will use the tie break formats described in the UPA Manual of Tournament Formats. See below for rule exceptions & clarifications.

This is a coed tournament. The gender ratio is 4:3 (boys:girls) for all games.

Ultimate Code of Conduct

It is every player's responsibility to know the rules of the game and to abide by them. Illegal substances and alcoholic beverages are prohibited at the tournament sites or at any related activity. Disregard of this prohibition by a member of any team will result in disqualification of the entire team from the competition. Using foul language on the field is also considered a spirit violation. Please refrain from using profane language in cheers as well.

It is also customary to shake hands, offer a cheer, and a small gift to opponents at Spring Reign.


All teams will be required to have at least one coach, parent, or adult on the field with the team at all times. We want everyone to have a safe and fun tournament!


All teams must be comprised of players all from the same school according to the DiscNW Eligibility Rules for youth players. No exceptions will be made this year. Please contact the Tournament Directors with any questions. One of the goals of the Tournament is to promote the growth of youth ultimate by creating a strong level of support at schools. Teams do not need to submit rosters. We abide by the honor system.

Caps, Halftimes, Timeouts

See the UPA 11th Edition Rules for definitions of caps.

  • At 2008 Spring Reign Tournament all games are played 13 with the point cap at 15 unless otherwise stated.
  • The hard time cap will be signaled at 15 minutes prior to the end of the round.


Communicate with the coach of the team you are playing before the game, so both teams are clear concerning the time rules. If games run over during the hard cap, teams will have to turn around and play their next game when that game is scheduled to start.

According to UPA 11th Edition rules there will be 2 timeouts per half. Please keep them short! They are only supposed to last 90 seconds each. According to rule VI.B.1. Each team is permitted exactly one time out in overtime. See rule V.C. for a definition of overtime.

Halftime occurs when one team first reaches, or exceeds, half of the game total. For games to 13 halftime occurs when one team scores 7 goals. There is no timeout at halftime, but the teams mirror the game start situation. So, if team A pulls from the south end zone to start the game then team B pulls from the south end zone to start the second half.


There will be tournaments for elementary school, middle school, 9th grade, and high school teams.

  • Elementary School - grades 3-5
  • Middle School - grade 8 and under
  • 9th Grad - grades 7-9
  • High School - grades 8-12