Spring Middle School League (2008)

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Team League
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Registered Teams

This is a list of registered teams as of 2/6. Teams that haven't registered yet can use this information as a guide when selecting a division.

Please note that the division assignments are not final until the schedule is finished. Most teams will be assigned to the division that they request, but League Coordinators might move a few teams around. Also note that teams will not get a schedule until they have paid!

A Division

  • Billings Soup
  • Eckstein Blue
  • Evergreen Epic
  • Northwest School Joe*
  • Salmon Bay A
  • Whitman A
  • Seattle Country Day 8th
  • Tops MS A*
  • University Prep A
  • Lakeside MS A
  • Mercer MS A*
  • Seattle Academy Red*
  • Brightwater A
B Division
  • Billings Sandwich
  • Eckstein White
  • Northwest School Alex*
  • Northwest School Caitlin*
  • Northwest School Ryan*
  • Overlake
  • Whitman B
  • Hamilton
  • Explorer West*
  • Univ. Prep B
  • Tops MS*
  • Bush MS*
  • Lakeside MS B
  • Mercer MS B*
  • Terrace Park
  • Seattle Country Day 7th
  • Meany MS
  • Seattle Waldorf
C Division
  • Evergreen Defenestrators
  • Northwest School 6th Joe*
  • Northwest School 6th Mike*
  • Salmon Bay B
  • Whitman C
  • Seattle Country Day 6th
  • Eckstein C
  • Billings Salad
  • Mercer MS C*
  • Seattle Academy White*
  • Brightwater 5/6

* Indicates team requested a weekday only schedule.