Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Redmond, WA

Important Dates

  • March 5th: Bid window opens
  • April 27th: Bid window closes, all registration materials due (Note: there is no separate bid window for International teams)
  • May 14th: Bids awarded (Captains have 1 week to accept via email)
  • May 21st: Bids not accepted are moved to waitlist.
  • June 1st: Final payment due, all checks are deposited.


There are four steps that must be completed in order to register for Sunbreak 2018:

  1. Fill out the online registration
  2. Mail deposit check to DiscNW
  3. Email creative bid to TDs
  4. The team roster must be completed

All teams must complete the online registration form prior to the bid deadline. Incomplete online bids (for example, bids that do not have a valid roster) will not be considered. Teams no longer need to mail a printout of the registration form. Some updates to the online registration form will be allowed after the deadline, but teams should note that bids will be awarded based on the information submitted prior to the deadline. All roster changes must be completed using the online registration form.

Player Fees

For 2018, the participation fee is TBD (includes sales tax†) per player. The fee for non-playing team members (injured players, coaches, babysitters, etc.) is TBD (includes sales tax). A deposit of $80 USD is due by the bid deadline (April 27). Teams that do not submit their deposit on time will not be considered. Checks are to be made payable to DiscNW and must include the team name on the memo line. The mailing address for these checks is DiscNW, Attn: Sunbreak, PO Box 85112, Seattle, WA 98145.

Due to a change of party venue we are working diligently to price out a great party experience. This requires many moving pieces and while we anticipate player and non-player fees to be higher in part due to this change we are attempting to keep costs down for you, our participants. Please bear with us as we work on final player & non-player fees.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not send in any envelopes requiring a signature. Our PO Box is very secure, and your mail will not get lost or stolen. Requiring a signature only forces the TD to stand in a long line at the counter.

ALSO NOTE:  We will not cash your deposit check if your team is not awarded a bid.

Please make sure that all materials are emailed or postmarked by the stated deadline.  Feel free to email the TDs with a note about the status of your bid if you think that a package in the mail might arrive after the deadline.  We can work with you to make sure that we get everything we need to consider your bid.

And please email the TDs if you are having problem getting a check in USD for the team fee.  We can work with you to find a solution.

Teams that are accepted to Sunbreak 2018 will be notified on May 14th. At that time, Captains have 1 week to accept the team bid. Afterwards, teams have until May 30th to submit payment for all rostered players. Reminder, team fee does NOT count toward player fees at all. Any teams that do not submit a final payment, which must be received by May 30th, will be moved to the wait list.

Teams may make roster changes after the April 27th bid deadline, and changes after the May 30th payment deadline are okay, too. Any roster changes, and corresponding fees, will be processed at registration on the morning of June 30th at Event Central.

Sunbreak players must be 21 or over, no exceptions. Please contact with any questions.

Creative Bids

New This Year we are tweaking how one should create a bid. We will release previous bids we thought were really creative over the next few weeks via our FB page to help get your creative juices flowing. The following creative ideas are all awesome:

  • Movies/videos - Whether they be music based or not, movies and videos talking about your team is a great idea for a creative bid.
  • Books/Comics - Ever make a cartoon of your team? Well now is your chance, or perhaps a book of haiku's, just make sure you touch on all the topics listed below.
  • Player Cards - Collectible baseball like cards of your teammates and how they feel about the topics below is another great idea.

Regardless of how you present your team we want all creative bids to touch on all of these areas:

  1. Who are you and where do you come from? Your team is a bunch of college alumnis, great, tell us about that. Your team is a travelling world's team, great, let us hear it. You hail from Wisconsin? Awesome, tell us about your hometown or if you come from all over, what binds you together?
  2. What gift will you be presenting this year? Remember as it says in the registration form, gifts should represent where you come from or your team itself. Sqeaky cheese from Wisconsin, or Proffessor Booty Shorts are awesome ideas. Gifts should NOT be alcoholic or illicit in nature and should not be made of glass (remember these are all prohibited from the tournament).
  3. What cheer/games will you be bringing to Sunbreak? Give us a sneak peek into the fun you've got planned for Sunbreak. Again, games/cheers should not involve anything that would go against the base rules of Sunbreak (No Alocohol, illicit materials, or glass).
  4. We also want to know what teams will do at Sunbreak to help to create a safe and fun environment for everyone. Sunbreak only continues to exist if all our participants help keep our host facilities happy and clean.

There is no minimum or maximum length for the creative bid so long as it touches on the 4 aspects above, so go be creative.

Roster Requirements

Captains must complete their rosters by adding player names and email addresses. To set your roster, please follow the instructions below. Please note that only a coach or captain can set the team roster. Before setting your roster, please collect an e-mail address from each teammate, where they can be reached to sign the required waivers once bids have been announced.

  1. Login to your DiscNW account
  2. Go to your team's page. If you are not sure how to do this, click your name in the upper right corner, select "Your Profile" from the drop-down menu, and select the team you have registered for Sunbreak under the "Recent Teams" tab.
  3. Click the "Roster" tab under the team information.
  4. Click the blue pencil icon on the far right of the Roster tab to edit the team roster.
  5. On the right, find the section titled "Add Player." One at a time, add each player from your team to your roster, including their gender, full name, and e-mail address.
  • If you have previously completed an online roster for a DiscNW event, you can use the "Copy Players from Another Roster" tool to speed up this process.

Please remember that Sunbreak is 4/3, 3/4 gender ration for 3 full days. We require at least 6 women and 8 men per team. 

Additionally, all players will be required to complete an online waiver in order to participate in Sunbreak 2018. More details about that requirement will be posted after bids have been awarded.



If you have more questions on the bid selection process, please feel free to contact us at