Verns Hat League

Event Type
Hat League
Event Start
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Seattle, WA

League Rules

The 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate will be used for Verns.

League Specific Rules

The first three games of the season will not be scored.  We want to encourage captains to take advantage of teaching moments mid game and after games.  We also want to encourage new players to play without the pressure of winning or losing.  During this period, captains may choose to begin keeping score towards the end of the 2 hour time ("game to 5" -type of score), but this score will not be reported on the website.  Captains may choose to end the games early and debrief with new players specific items of strategy.

For the next five games of the season , captains can elect to keep score.  It is not a requirement to keep score and is not bad spirit to request to not keep score.  However, we want to make the option for competition available to teams who want it.  

Teams will be reseeded for the last two games of the season for a playoff series.

While keeping score (last seven weeks of season): 

  • The soft time cap is 20 minutes before the end of the field time: add 2 points to the highest score and play to that score.  Win by 1.
  • The hard time cap is 5 minutes before the end of the field time: finish the point in progress. If one team is ahead, they win. If the game is tied, play one more point.
  • 3 timeouts per game.

This is an 18+ league.  All players must be 18 years of age or older.

Start and finish your games on time.

Additional league rules will be posted prior to the start of the season.

No Dogs

Note to athletic field users, friends, and families: Dogs are not allowed at organized athletic fields, beaches, or children's play areas in Seattle, Shoreline, and Redmond parks. They are welcome on leash everywhere else in the park system, and there are other off-leash areas where they can romp without leashes.  All our fields are turf, last we checked dogs and turf aren't good for each other.  Please leave Fluffy at home on game days.

No Alcohol

Note to athletic field users, friends, and families: Alcohol is not allowed at organized athletic fields, beaches, or children's play areas in Seattle, Shoreline, and Redmond parks.  Drinking beer is allowed at many fine taverns and restaurants across King County.  Please leave the spirits at home on game days.

In the past we've received at least one warning per season regarding dogs and beer on the fields by various parks departments.  If further infractions occur we risk losing access to the fields.  Please refrain from bringing dogs and alcohol to games.  Thanks!


League Participation Rules

  • DiscNW’s gender maximum rule requires each team to play each point with no more than four players who identify as the same gender. If you cannot do so, you will need to play down unless otherwise discussed with your opponent according to the Captain’s Clause.
  • The gender a player identifies with is considered that player’s gender.  Please refer to DiscNW’s Gender Inclusion Policy for more information. 
  • All players on the roster must complete the participation waiver before playing in a game.
  • This League is an 18+ Event; the League is for players eighteen years of age and older.
  • Players may only be on one team roster for this League. All League players must be on a roster in order to participate – unrostered players are not permitted.
  • Teams must abide by DiscNW policies.
  • Please follow all City and Parks rules and guidelines. Please do not bring food on the synthetic fields. Dogs are not permitted at all League field sites. Alcohol and cannabis use is prohibited at all League field sites.

DiscNW Policies