Seattle Youth Summer Camps at Magnuson

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Morning Check in

When you arrive at camp please proceed to the Sports Meadow. There will be a sign there pointing people in the correct direction.

The best way to get to the sports meadow is to enter Magnuson Park at NE 74th St and Sand Point Way NE and proceed to the big main parking lot (off to the right at the first stop sign). The path to the meadow is between the playground and the turf fields. We request that all campers enter from this entrance and not from the entrance on the lake side near kite hill. Here is a park map with the sports meadow, parking lot, walking path, and Brig. Click on each colored area or label to get exact locations.

Check in and check out depends on your child's age group. 

8-9 and 10-11 sessions - Please have a parent, a driver, or an older sibling check in and check out children in these age groups each day. Check in will be up at the Sports Meadow. Check out will be down on the turf field close to the playground and parking lot. 

12-13 sessions - Please let  your child's lead coach know about your preference for pickup. 12-13 campers can check themselves in and out with parent approval OR can wait to be checked in and out up at the Sports Meadow. 

HS sessions - We expect these campers to check themselves in and out each day unless otherwise notified. 

Coaches will be at the fields at least 15 minutes before camp starts, but please avoid dropping campers off any earlier than 8:45 am. Also, please do your best to be on time for pickup promptly at 3:00 pm. There is often traffic around the Montlake bridge and other nearby areas. 

Excused absences - Please tell the lead coach or send an email if your child will be absent. 


Please bring to camp every day:

  • At least 64oz of water - There are no water fountains or sinks at the fields. Campers will refill water bottles whenever necessary and during lunch. Campers are reminded to hydrate every hour.
  • Sunscreen/sunblock/sun hat/sunglasses - Campers are reminded to apply sunscreen several times during the day.
  • Snack and Lunch - Please be careful about nuts in food. There are children with nut allergies attending camp. Please bring a backpack or sports pack to store the food during camps so that crows cannot (as they have in the past) get into the food.
  • Particular medical needs (inhaler, bee sting kits, diabetes kits, ankle braces etc.) - Make sure counselors know where these kits are kept for your child.
  • Cleats, shorts, extra socks; raingear if necessary.