Seattle Youth Summer Camps at Magnuson

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Camp FAQ

Why is the first camp week happen during the final week of Seattle Public Schools?

We strive to have the first week of camp be the first full week of summer for campers. Different school districts have different ending dates. The final two weeks of June have been our standard first two weeks of camp for a couple of years now. 


Do you offer an aftercare program?

No. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide care at the end of camp.


Why split by age group instead of grade?

Our experience has taught us that age is less confusing.  However, we may grant a waiver for a camper to join her/his school classmates in another group (see next two questions).


Can my child sign up for an age group that is different from his or her own?

This year, we will allow younger players to play up only if they are in the same grade as the older group or if there is some very compelling reason to move them up and the move is made at least one week before camp starts


Can my child choose to be on the same team as his/her schoolmates?

Generally speaking, we encourage campers to expand their horizons and make new friends, especially because building and strengthening our community is such an important aspect of Ultimate. However, campers will have several opportunities to hang out with old friends.


Is Financial Aid available?

Yes. Here is the link for the Camp Financial Aid Application Please note that FA applicants can fill out the camp registration before being notified about financial aid.


Is there a discount for signing up for multiple camps?

Players that register for three DiscNW camps (including the Eastside and Neighborhood camps) will receive a 10% discount. Players that register for 4 or more camps will receive a 15% discount.

Additionally, there is Financial Aid Available.


How do you organize the high school campers?

We have found that it makes the most sense to organize the campers by skill and gender at the high school level. We do plan to provide some fun coed and large group activities, and there will be plenty of time for socializing during breaks.


Will there be any single gender play for the younger campers? 

Yes, we do a considerable amount of splitting of groups by gender, but there are also times for coed interaction.


Who are the counselors?

Our counselors are experienced, mostly local coaches, many of whom played in the local youth scene and are now playing in college and beyond. We do have some coaches from outside of the area join us every year. All counselors undergo a thorough application process, training, and background check before working with the campers.


Why 5 Ultimate jerseys for campers?

We are very excited to be working with Five Ultimate again this year. Five Ultimate is a local company founded, owned, and operated by local ultimate players. Five Ultimate provides great ultimate products at a competitive price with unmatched service. Five Ultimate also has a history of supporting local, national, and worldwide ultimate Frisbee outreach projects.


Do I need to pay when I register?

No, but paying right away assures a spot in the session. Credit card payments are processed immediately. Checks usually take a week to process. Two weeks prior to each session all campers should have paid their registration fee. Those who sign up in the two weeks prior to a session should pay at the time that they register.


What is the weather policy?

Camp may be canceled due to extreme weather, though that hasn’t happened yet. We make plans for safe shelter in case of severe weather. On hot days, we make sure to provide ample shade, and we take extra breaks for hydration and rest.  We also suggest that campers wear sunscreen, well-ventilated headwear, and shatterproof sunglasses.


What is the individual cancellation and refund policy?

We request notification as soon as a registered camper finds out (s)he is unable to attend their session, even if (s)he hasn't paid yet.

If given two weeks notice, we grant full refunds. All cancellations after the two week deadline are decided case-by-case. We try to be very accommodating in these situations. For more information please refer to the DiscNW Cancelation Policy.


What steps are taken to ensure the safety of the camp participants?

Safety of our campers and counselors is our first priority. Our counselors have first aid training, and we will have an onsite manager and an onsite athletic trainer.


How early and late are counselors at the fields?

Counselors will be at the fields at least 15 minutes before each session starts. We require all campers to be picked up no later than 15 minutes after a session ends each day, though at least one counselor will stay at the site until all campers have left.


Why Magnuson for the camp location?

Magnuson is one of the only sites in Seattle large enough to accommodate all of our age/skill levels at the same time. It also has indoor areas that we can reserve for lunch and for weather evacuation. Considering that we serve campers from Edmonds, Shoreline, Bellevue, Redmond, and all of Seattle, it is a fairly central location.


Will more camps be added?

If there is enough demand we may offer other sessions.  There are other summer ultimate opportunities for youth. Please check the DiscNW Events sidebar for information about those events.


Is there a maximum number of campers for each session?

No, if we get too many campers we will add more fields and more counselors.


What is the routine for lunch and snack?

Campers should bring lunch and a snack with them each day. We take a mid-morning break for snacks. We also break for at least 30 minutes for lunch.


Do you still offer a discount to coaches and organizers?

Unfortunately, we needed to discontinue the discounts to youth ultimate coaches and organizers.  Please contact if you have any questions.


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