Spring Reign

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
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Burlington, WA

The following paperwork is due by Friday, April 13th.


All teams have the option to do online waivers or paper waivers. All teams, however, must complete an online roster.



Online Waivers & Setting a Roster   

Step One: Create a Team Roster

Only someone currently listed on the team webpage as a coach or captain may follow these steps. If you are not currently listed as a coach or captain, please ask someone who is listed to add you.

  1. Before setting your roster, please collect an e-mail address from each parent or player, where they can be reached to sign the required waivers.*
  2. Log in to your DiscNW account.
  3. From the Spring Reign webpage, click on the "Teams" tab (underneath the event title), and select your team.
  4. Click the “Roster” tab under the team information.
  5. Click the pencil icon on the far right of the Roster tab to edit the team roster.
  6. On the right, find the section titled, "Add Player." One at a time, add each player from your team to your roster including their gender, full name, and e-mail address.
    • If you have previously completed an online roster for a DiscNW event, you can use the "Copy Players from Another Roster" tool to speed up this process.


Step Two: Prompt Families to Sign Player Waivers

  1. Return to your team webpage.
  2. Click the "Registration" tab, and select your team's name from the drop-down menu. 
  3. If you are not automatically directed to the "Waivers" tab, please click it. This will take you to your team's waiver status page. A red thumbs down next to a name means that the player has not completed the waivers. A green thumbs up means that the player has completed the waivers.
  4. Click the blue button on the right, above your roster, that says "Send waiver reminders."
  5. Check the "check all" box to select all of your players. 
  6. If you wish, you may add your own message in the "Additional message" box, and then click "Send e-mails."

Parents will receive an email at the address you entered into the roster, with a special link to sign the required forms.


Step Three: Monitor Players' Waiver Status, and Follow Up as Needed

Coaches can check their players' waiver status by following these instructions:

  1. Login to your DiscNW account.
  2. Go to the Spring Reign webpage.
  3. Click the "Registration" tab near the top of the page, and select the appropriate team.
  4. Make sure you are on the "Waivers" tab.  You will see a thumbs up for those who have signed the waivers, and a thumbs down for those who haven't yet signed or completed the waivers.

If there are unsigned waivers, repeat "Step Two: Prompt Families to Sign Waivers."


Step Four: Sign Coach Waiver and Coaching Code of Conduct

All coaches, regardless of age, must sign the Coaching Code of Conduct and the DiscNW Participation Agreement and Release of Liability (waiver).  Every team must have at least one coach or actively involved adult chaperone that is 21 years of age or older. In order to sign the appropriate coach waivers, coaches or chaperones must be listed as "Coach" on the team webpage.  To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure the coach has a current account at www.discnw.org
  2. The team registrant, a current team coach, or a current team captain must log in to his/her DiscNW account.  Only one of these individuals can add a new coach to the team.
  3. Go to the Spring Reign webpage.
  4. Click on the "Teams" tab at the top of the page, and select your team from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click on the blue pencil directly to the right of your team name.
  6. Type the coach's name in the "Coaches" field.  The website will list recommendations of people who have accounts at www.discnw.org.  If the coach's name doesn't show up, it means (s)he doesn't have a current account at www.discnw.org. 
  7. Once the coach's name has been typed in the "Coaches" field, click on Save.

If the coach has been added to the team webpage as described above, (s)he should receive an online reminder to sign the Coaching Code of Conduct and the Adult Participation Agreement.  The coach will need to log on to his or her account at www.discnw.org to see the reminder and the link to the form.


Step Five: Player Medical Authorization Forms

Your Coaching Code of Conduct asks that you carry medical authorization forms for all players on your team.  Coaches should hold on to these forms and bring them to all DiscNW events. Medical authorization forms give a coach permission to seek medical care for a child in the parent's absence.  It also contains information about important medical conditions and allergies for the player.  Emergency medical providers will require a hard copy of this signed form to treat a child in a parent's absence (unless it is a life-threatening emergency). There are two ways to get this form:

  1. If your team is recognized by your school administration, you are probably required to collect a school medical authorization form for all players. Inquire with your principal, athletic director, or activities coordinator.
  2. If your school does not provide a form, you can use this sample form provided by DiscNW. Note that there are two forms per page in order to minimize paper usage. Each player need only fill out a half sheet.

These forms will not be checked or collected by DiscNW. But for your own players' comfort and for your own protection, we trust you to carry them for all your players.



Paper Waivers

For families that do not have Internet access or prefer paper waivers, you can print out the required waivers here: 2017-18 Youth Event Waivers

All paper waivers must be received by April 13th, 2018.

Methods for sending paper waivers to DiscNW:

ATTN: Paperwork


P.O. Box 85112

Seattle, WA 98145


If you have questions about the paperwork, please email paperwork@discnw.org.