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Camp Safety

Safety Policy

Safety is the number one priority of the camp.  These simple safety guidelines are designed to keep our campers and counselors safe.

  •  Evacuate field at first indication of lightning.  Do not return to field until 30 minutes after last indication of lightning.
  •  For major injuries call 911 immediately.  Counselors meet medical personnel at both trailheads.
  •  Counselors take attendance everyday and communicate absences with Camp Directors.
  •  Counselors know the location of important medical supplies (epi pins, inhalers, diabetes kits, etc) are for all campers requiring special consideration.  Counselors are aware of the prior medical issues for campers in their section.  Information will be located on the medical need sheet in lead camper, Camp Director, and athletic trainer notebooks.
  •  Counselors remind campers to apply sunscreen before camp and at lunch.
  •  Counselors remind campers to keep their water bottles handy and to hydrate. Counselors make a hydration announcement every hour at a minimum.
  •  Players should report all injuries to onsite athletic trainer.  Onsite Camp Director will keep an injury log for camp manager to check several times a day.
  •  All head injuries are reported.  A phone call will be made to parents from the onsite Camp Director.
  •  Be safe in the games that are played.  Be aware of player limitations.
  •  All counselors know the Safety Policy and Evacuation Plan.

Evacuation Plan


Counselors evacuate the field at first indication of lightning.  Walk quickly but don’t run.  No one is to return to the field until 30 minutes after the last indication of lightning.  Counselors call or contact the Camp Director as soon as they see lightning or hear thunder or there is an indication of lightning nearby on the NOAA Weather App.

Non-Lightning Major Event (Earthquake, Police Lockdown, etc): 

Counselors move campers to a safe area and/or follow the directions of law enforcement officers.  Campers may not leave unless they are picked up by a parent or guardian; campers are not permitted to leave on their own.  The offsite Camp Director and DiscNW Executive Director shall be notified.