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WFDF+ Spirit Scoring

We are now using a modified version of the WFDF spirit scoring system.  The modification we made was to add a specific "Coaching Spirit" section.  This allows your players to separate their on-field experience from the sideline experience.  We call it the WFDF+ system

The objectives of the WFDF+ spirit scoring system are to:
1) Educate players on what Spirit of the Game is
2) Help teams to improve specific parts of their Spirit
3) Celebrate SOTG by awarding a prize to the team that gets the highest score
Guidelines for Players
Things to keep in mind this season as you adjust to the new system:

-Filling in the score sheets is a team effort. This helps in educating new players and reinforces the fundamentals of SOTG with the more experienced players.  

- While filling in the form might take several minutes the first few times, it will take only a minute or two after you get used to it.

-The system was designed in accordance with the expectation that teams generally display normal, good spirit. Therefore the baseline in each category is “Good” which equals 2 Points. For each game, determine if the other team was better than, worse than, or the same as just a regular game and score accordingly (see scoring examples pdf attached).

- Focus on each question and answer that question only. Do not start with an overall score in mind and work backward to get that score.

-There might be many times that nothing out of the ordinary occurred at a game. As such, each category should get 2 points. A final score of 12 points (including the coach sprit score) is considered normal, good spirit.

- Give a real score that reflects the items detailed on the sheet.
  • Do not give teams higher scores because they made a funny game in the circle
  • Do not give lower spirit scores out of retaliation or prejudice
-Self-scoring is highly encouraged. Did everybody show good Spirit on your team?
We are still working on the best way to display your team's score. It may be that you will receive a periodic report card.
Here is a link to a PDF of the spirit score sheet for use at the field and for self-scoring purposes.