Spring Elementary Mixed League

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Rules & Policies

This league uses the Official Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition (click here for mobile version), with a few exceptions, which are described below.  Changes to these rules this year are highlighted in bold italics. USA Ultimate provides many resources for learning the rules (click on "Official Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition" above to access these resources).

  • Mandatory Coaches' Meeting:
    • There will be a mandatory coaches' meeting on Monday, February 26th at 6pm at DiscNW headquarters in Madrona Grace Church.
    • Topics will include league logistics, schedules, rules, expectations of coaches, and  management of head injuries and Sudden Cardiac Arrest.
    • Each team must have at least one adult representative at this meeting. Missing the meeting will count as one forfeit against the team, which is subject to the two forfeit rule.
  • Roster Rules:
    • All players on a team must attend the same school. All exceptions must be approved by the Eligibility Committee. Applications are due by February 6. Please refer to the Eligibility Rules for details and for information on this process.
    • Only players in grades 3-5 may participate in this league.  Exceptions are rare and must be approved by the Eligibility Committee. Applications are due by February 6. Please refer to the Eligibility Rules for details and for information on this process.
    • A team playing in the 5v5 league must have at least 8 waivered players (4 boys and 4 girls) on the roster by March 4th and must maintain this minimum throughout the season. 
    • A player may participate on only one team and be listed on one roster.

  • Division Rules and Guidelines:
    • Whenever possible, schools should try to assemble teams based on grade level. Generally, the A division will be reserved for 5th grade teams, the B division for 4th grade teams, and the C division for 3rd grade teams
    • Since some schools do not have enough players to field a team or teams of players from a single grade, teams may be comprised of players from multiple grades. League Coordinators will do their best to place those teams in the appropriate division.
    • Schools with more than one team will automatically have one team assigned to the A pool. The other team(s) may play in any division, provided that all other guidelines are met. This ensures that the pools are all approximately the same size.
    • Teams with 5th graders may not play in the lowest division.
    • DiscNW league staff and volunteers reserve the right to make exceptions to these guidelines when deemed to be appropriate for league competition.
  • Field Size 5 vs 5: 
    • Fields will be abbreviated.  Final size will be determined by the dimensions of the larger field that these games are played on.For example- Walt Hundley has pre-lined mini soccer fields running perpendicular to the large soccer field. These allow fora65 yard long field (total), 35 yards wide and10yardendzones.   Please make sure there is a safe distance between fields.  
      • 60-70 yards long
      • 25-35 yards wide
      • 10-15-yard end zones

  • Gender Identity:

    DiscNW accepts all people. We recognize that gender does not function as a binary system.  We acknowledge that Ultimate Frisbee often employs a gender ratio rule or league division that does not fit our broader understanding of gender identity. No player should be asked to explain or justify their identity. We trust our community to play where they are most comfortable and in accordance with Spirit of the Game.

    Here is what we can do as teammates, coaches, and opponents:

    • Trust that members in good standing of our community will not take advantage of the system.

    • Understand that these members of our community are marginalized and strive to make the ultimate field safe and welcoming. This is an act of Spirit of the Game.

    • Trust that players will use integrity in choosing divisions and their place in relation to the on-field ratio guidelines


  • Gender Ratio 5 vs 5: The standard gender ratio is 3 Boys:2 Girls. Coaches may agree to play "offense calls" before the game.  Coaches may also agree to play a format that allows for uneven/un-matched with special attention paid to player safety- Teams may not negotiate for fewer than 2 girls on the field. Teams that do not have at least 2 girls within 5 minutes of the posted game start time MUST forfeit.  A friendly game can be organized among the players present at that point which allows for at least 2 girls on the field for both teams.
  • Supervision: Teams are required to have an adult coach present at all games. The head coach must be at least 21 years old.  This coach need not have ultimate knowledge but must be actively involved.  This means she must participate in all game time communications, be fully present for all games, mentor any younger coaches, and step forward if something should go awry on the field or on the sidelines.
  • Field Rules: The most commonly broken rules are no dogs on athletic fields (grass or synthetic), and no food on synthetic fields. Please follow these and all posted field rules, or we could lose our field privileges.
  • Score Reporting: In order to be eligible for post-season play and for the league Spirit of the Game award, a team must report all of its game scores and Spirit scores promptly. Scores for the entire season must be reported no later than 11:59pm on the Sunday following the last Saturday of regular season play.
  • Point Total & Game Times:
    • Games are to 11 points. 
    • Mirror halftime at 6 points, and take a short timeout (3 minutes or less).
    • The hard cap is applied at 60 minutes (15 minutes before the next round). 
      • Teams should finish the current point (if between points, finish the next point).
      • The team that is ahead at the end of that point is the winner. 
      • If the game is tied at the end of that point, play one more point ("universe point").
    • Win by 2, unless a time cap or point cap is in place.
    • Point cap at 13.
    • Time Outs and Time Between Pulls:
      • One 90 second time out per half 
      • Overtime doesn’t change the number of timeouts remaining (Overtime begins when the score is tied at one goal less than the game total (e.g., in a game with a game total of 11 goals, overtime begins when the score reaches 10-10)
      • Timeouts can be used during a time cap, per USA Ultimate rules
      • Time between pulls:
      • The receiving team must signal readiness to play within seventy seconds after the previous goal was scored.
      • The pulling team must release the pull before the later to occur of:
      • ninety seconds after the previous goal was scored; or
      • twenty seconds after the receiving team signaled readiness.

  • Zone Defense:
    • Zone is not permitted.
  • Cancellation/Forfeiture:
    • If a team must cancel a game, notice must be given to the League Coordinator and opposing coach by Thursday before the game. Late notification is considered a forfeit (see next bullet).
    • A team may play with 4 players, but any fewer than 4 at 10 minutes after game time is considered a forfeit. After 2 forfeits, a team loses post-season play privileges. Scores for forfeited games should be reported as a 1-0 loss for the forfeiting team.
  • Spirit of the Game: Teams with a season Spirit average of less than 12 (New WFDF+ reporting) or a Coaching Spirit score of less than an average of 2, will not be allowed to participate in post-season play.
  • This is a player-officiated sport. Coaches, subs, and parents cannot stop gameplay or make calls from the sideline. Coaches may provide rules clarifications when a call is made and discussion ensues, but coaches may not provide an opinion. Coaches are responsible for teaching rules at practice.
  • This is a non-contact sport. Incidental contact occurs, but unlike soccer and basketball, blatant bumping and physicality are not acceptable. Please play safely and avoid contact whenever possible.
  • No foot blocks.


DiscNW Event Refund Policy

This document outlines DiscNW's refund policy for leagues and tournaments. Some larger DiscNW events (like Sunbreak, Spring Reign, Spring Jam) may have their own refund policy due to demand for those events. Please check with the Tournament Directors for clarification.  The term "event" refers to any DiscNW sponsored league, tournament, or clinic.


  • If the participant plays any part of the event: no refund.
  • If the participant is a no-show on the day of the event: no refund--unless it's due to a mistake on DiscNW's part, in which case the participant receives a full refund.
  • If the participant backs out before the event's signups have closed: full refund minus an administrative fee (see below).
  • If the participant backs out after the event's signups have closed and we can fill their spot: full refund (or pro-rated if the event has already started) minus administrative fee*.
  • If the participant backs out after the event's signups have closed and we can't fill their spot, then it's at the discretion of the event coordinator and/or the DiscNW staff ("full" refund, partial or maybe none).


*An administrative fee will be assessed on some refunds to cover various costs in processing the initial signup and refund (e.g., PayPal charges, stamps and envelopes, staff time, etc.). This fee is usually 5-10% of the amount of the initial payment. In no case will DiscNW make money when processing refunds; we charge the administrative fee only so that we do not lose money on credit card fees, staff time, and other expenses when participants cancel.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to info@discnw.org.