DiscNW YCC Head Coaching Application (2017)

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Hat League
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Job Description

The DiscNW YCC Coaches (Head and Assistant) will report to the YCC General Manager and the Director of Youth Operations. Their primary objective will be to facilitate all competition aspects surrounding the YCC program, including but not limited to coach selection, player recruitment, tryout planning/implementation, practice planning/implementation, travel chaperoning, and competition strategies at the Youth Club Championships in August.


Coach assignments are for a 1 year term (which either party can terminate early with cause) which will finish after the YCC tournament in 2018. Work hours will predominantly occur between April and August each year with increased commitments during tryouts in May and training season June-August.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities


·         Coaches will be representatives of DiscNW at all times during their 1 year term and will need to maintain a professional demeanor at all times, especially with regards to social media and email correspondence with players/parents/staff within the YCC program.


·         Team Tryout Planning

o   Recruit players to participate in tryouts in late winter/early spring

o   Plan tryout dates with other coaches and DiscNW Staff

o   Plan tryouts, including structure and drills

o   Work with other YCC coaches to place players onto teams

o   Respond to inquiries about future player improvement


·         Team Culture

o   Cultivate a team culture that upholds the ideals and beliefs of Spirit of the Game, DiscNW, and its participants.

o   Develop strategies to represent DiscNW as a leader in spirited play and conflict resolution


·         Player Development

o   Coaches should take an active interest in player development and wellbeing. This includes but is not limited to player safety while under coach supervision, proper injury management including seeking of medical attention, notification to parent(s)/guardians, and appropriate timeline to return to participation.

o   Coaches shall oversee player behavior to make sure they are not disruptive or harmful to themselves or others while in the YCC program. This may include the need to discipline player(s) or possibly even remove them from the program.

§  Players will sign a Player Code of Conduct which coaches will be responsible for enforcing.


·         Team Fundraising

o   Help DiscNW Staff organize parents and players for fundraisers

o   Be active in fundraising updates on social networks and emails


·         Practice Planning

o   Plan practices including conditioning plans and team strategy


·         Travel/Chaperone

o   Coaches serve as chaperon for the YCC tournament

o   Travel on Wednesday night/Thursday morning with players to the tournament

o   Stay with the team onsite and oversee players safety throughout the event

o   Travel on late Sunday night/Monday morning with players back home


·         Competition Management

o   Oversee tournament strategy including managing player expectations and substitution strategies

o   Oversee parental support including sideline support like team food and supplies

o   Support the development of post season YCC survey questoins

o   Attend post season feedback sessions with YCC General Manager


·         Prior coaching experience

·         USAU Level 1 Coaching Certification (this can be obtained after hiring but must be done prior to tournament)

·         Sign and adhere to the DiscNW Coaching Code of Conduct

·         Pass a background check (paid for by DiscNW)

·         Be in good spirit standing in prior DiscNW events


·         Last term the stipends for this position were $1285 for Head Coach, $600 for Assistant Coach, for each season

·         Travel to and from the tournament as well as lodging paid for by DiscNW

·         Daily per diem for food and sundries while travelling