Team PUA

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Super-Dave Sim, Jake Dunoyer, Thomas Rowland, Julia Tang
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Northeast Seattle
AKA Maple Leaf Pick-Up Artists, AKA MLPA, AKA PuA. This team was forged in the fires of the Tuesday/Thursday Hale/Jane Adaams and Saturday Magnuson pickup ultimate group.

Team Schedule — Fall Team League (2017)

When Where Against Score
Shoreline Center A.2 Organ Grinders Loss 16–17
Shoreline Center A.2 Cowabunga Loss 12–15
Shoreline Center B.1 Seattle THUMB Loss 11–15
Magnuson Park 6B (Seattle) Freeze Bees Win 1–0
Hamlin 6 Beach Owls Win 15–7
Shoreline Center B.1 Space Invaders Win 14–2
Hamlin 6 Pan-Galactic Groove Squad Loss 14–15
Hamlin 6 Fist Full of Feathers Loss 11–15
Marymoor Park 4A (Redmond) Tongue & Gruv Win 15–12
Bobby Morris 1 Space Invaders Loss 15–16
Shoreline Center A.2 Cowabunga Win 15–8

Roster — Fall Team League (2017)

25 players (15M/10F)

Team Bids

Event Bid Date Bid Status Paid
Spring Team League (2018) Created
Winter Team League (2018) Assigned
Fall Team League (2017) Assigned
Summer Team League (2017) Assigned
Spring Team League (2017) Assigned
Winter Team League (2017) Assigned
Fall Team League (2016) Assigned