Fall Team League (2017)

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Team League
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Playoff Seeds

The playoff brackets this year are a little non-standard to allow for more double headers. We needed to do this, because we have many more fields on November 4th than the other two days of playoffs.


The winning team takes the higher seed, except for G pool, which is a round-robin of sorts.




Pool Seed Team
A 1
Inner City Pandas
A 2 Puppy Basket
A 3 Toolbox
A 4
Blue Footed Boobies
A 5 Jazz Picnic
A 6
Genghis Khan Wild
A 7 Mystery Machine
A 8 Sea Yahtsea
B 1
Guard, Seize Them!
B 2
Rainbow Dance Party
B 3 Bonsai Kittens
B 4 Seattle Chicago Bulls
B 5
Huckin' Easy
B 6 Skadoosh
B 7
Flaming Albatrosses
B 8 B.A.B.R.
C 1 Vince
C 2
Barrel of Monkeys
C 3
Rainier Mountaineers
C 4
Hip Hop Anonymous
C 5 Boom
C 6 Fish Is Meat
C 7
Pan-Galactic Groove Squad
C 8 Badger
D 1 Slow Dance
D 2 More Cow Bell
D 3
Fist Full of Feathers
D 4 Seattle Thumb
D 5 The Big Huge
D 6 Organ Grinders
D 7 Hutt Buckers
D 8 Beach Owls
E 1 PuA
E 2 Cowabunga
E 3 Space Invaders
E 4 The Brunch Club
E 5 Freeze Bees
E 6
Cascadia Subduction Zone
E 7 Che
E 8 Tongue & Gruv
F 1
Lord Geoduck, Son of Bezerker
F 3 Mark It Zero
F 4
(p)Terodactyl Dance Party
F 5 JustDisc League
F 6 Rubber Huckies
F 7
Huckminster Fuller and the Dymaxion Projection
F 8 Athletes
G 1 No Hucks Given
G 2
What The Huck?!
G 3 Qualtimate
G 4 Get Hammered
G 5 Discy Business