Fall Team League (2017)

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Team League
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Rules of Play

  • We use the USA Ultimate 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate for all DiscNW leagues, including Spring League, with the following additions, changes, and clarifications.
  • Each team has two team time-outs per half.  Time outs should not exceed 90 seconds.  Time outs are permitted in the cap.  And remember, time outs should not exceed 90 seconds.
  • Games are played to 15 points, with a margin of at least two goals or until a cap is reached. The point cap is 17. There is no soft cap in this League. The hard time cap begins 1 hour and 45 minutes after scheduled game start time.
  • Teams mirror at halftime - the second half begins with a reversal of the initial choices regarding the team to receive the pull and which end zone they defend.
  • The Contact Rule can be used by mutual agreement of the Captains. The default rule for this League is not to use the Contact Rule. For a definition of the contact rule, see the second bullet point under “Experimental Rules” on this page.

League Participation Rules

  • DiscNW’s gender maximum rule requires each team to play each point with no more than four players who identify as the same gender. If you cannot do so, you will have to play down unless otherwise discussed with your opponent according to the Captain’s Clause.
  • The gender a player identifies with is considered that player’s gender.  Please refer to DiscNW’s Gender Inclusion Policy for more information
  • All teams must have at least 6 women and 8 men on the team roster throughout the season.
  • All players on the roster must complete the participation waiver before playing in a game.
  • This League is an 18+ Event; the League is for players eighteen years of age and older.
  • Teams must begin play no less than 20 minutes after the scheduled game start time. Failure of a team to field a line in time must forfeit. It is acceptable to play with fewer than seven players, though a team must have a minimum of two players.
  • Players may only be on one team roster for this League. All League players must be on a roster in order to participate – unrostered players are not permitted.
  • All pickup players must be on one League team's roster in order to pick up with another team. The opposing team’s captains must agree to permit the player to pickup.
  • All players must complete the required waivers prior to participating in this League.
  • Team captains should bring their own cones to games.
  • Teams must abide by DiscNW policies.
  • Please follow all City and Parks rules and guidelines. Do not bring food on the synthetic fields. Dogs are not permitted at all League field sites. Alcohol and cannabis use is prohibited at all League field sites.