Fall Team League (2017)

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Team League
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Weather Updates

We will play rain or shine, with two exceptions:

  • Unsafe playing conditions
  • Poor field conditions

If you are unsure of the status of your game, please call the DiscNW weather hotline at 206-504-DISC (3472). If there is no update, assume your game will play as scheduled. We will also try to get the word out via other media, including FacebookTwitterour front page, and by email, but the hotline will be your most reliable source of information.


Game Day Responsibilities

  • Please be conscientious about these responsibilities at all times, especially when you do not have a field marshal.
  • Take care of the grass. If there is standing water or if the grass is muddy, very squishy, or leaving divots when players cut, please don't play your games. Contact the league coordinator so that (s)he can notify teams playing later in the day at the same field.
  • Bring your own first aid kit.
  • Field safety:
    • Walk fields before games to assess for hazards.
    • Keep sidelines clear of equipment, especially tents, chairs, and other hard objects.
    • Start and end games on time.
  • Postpone play for 30 minutes if lightning strikes. Seek shelter in cars or a building with plumbing.
  • Follow park rules, especially the following:
    • No dogs allowed on any playfield (grass or synthetic).
    • No food on synthetic surfaces.
  • Make sure the field is spotless when you leave (cleaner than when you found it).