Fall Mixed Hat League (2017)

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Hat League
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Lottery for Men

Each year, there are typically more men interested in playing in this mixed-gender league than there are slots available. This year, once again, we will be running a lottery for men.

All men who register before the lottery deadline will initially be placed on the waiting list for the league. We'll run the lottery soon after the lottery deadline.   The men who make the cut will be moved off the waiting list at that time.  To bypass the lottery, you can be buddied with a woman who has paid her registration fee.  Even with a female buddy, you will be placed on the waiting list until the lottery deadline. 

Once you've been moved off the waiting list, you may pay for the league - check your email soon after the lottery date. If we have not received your payment by the payment deadline, you'll forfeit your spot to someone on the waiting list. If you know you will be out of internet access during that week, please indicate that in your registration comments.

The more women who register, the more men we can accept.