YCC Team Tryouts (2017)

Event Type
Hat Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Seattle, WA

Player FAQs

      There are always questions about YCC and what it means if a player makes the team. We will try to aggregate basic questions here so potential players can be informed prior to tryouts.


Are returning players guaranteed spots? - Answer - No, returning players are not guaranteed spots of future teams. Each year the teams will select the best personel based on what coaches believe is needed to have a successful season. Coaches may make exceptions to the tryout process for any player at their discretion including allowing them to have extended tryouts, or not participating in general tryouts. 

What are coaches looking for at tryouts? - Answer - While each coach is different, all coaches are looking to see what a player's strengths are or could be. Coaches realize that players may develop a lot between tryouts and the tournament in August so players should focus on showing their strengths throughout the tryout process whether that is athletic, intellectual, or spirit based.

What are the expectations of YCC players, once selected? - Answer - Players who are selected to our YCC teams will be expected to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Pay For or Fundraise their portion of YCC fees. These fees will be somewhere in the $700-800 before airfare. Financial aid will be available after teams are selected.
  • Attend All/Majority of YCC Practices. Mandatory practices will begin in June and run twice or three times a week in the evenings throughout summer until the tournament in early August. Coaches may make exceptions for players with travel plans or conflicts, but these should be discussed as soon as the conflict is realized.
  • Attend the YCC tournament in Blaine, MN in early August. This is a three day tournament spanning Sat-Mon in early August. DiscNW staff will support all players with travel planning and supervision while in Blaine, MN.
  • Be an Ambassador for Seattle Ultimate at all times. Players will sign a contract that will speak to practice obligations and ethics policies. These policies pertain to representing Seattle and other Ultimate players from around the NW at all times while part of the program, including but not limited to social media, while traveling, and in public spaces.
Can I be selected for a YCC team without being able to travel to the tournament in August? - Answer - Yes. Each team may choose to select practice players at the coches discretion.