Spring Elementary Mixed League (2017)

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Playoff Schedules

Teams must be available to play both weekends of the playoffs to be eligible for playoffs. We will make an effort to schedule consolation games for the teams that are only available one of the two weekends, but post-season play is not guaranteed. Please review the 2017 Spring Elementary School Coed League Playoff Policies for more information about playoff scheduling guidelines and team requirements.

Here you'll find the playoff schedules for May 6th and 13th. Playoff games will NOT appear in your team's online schedule so you will need to communicate with your team about game time and location directly.  
Teams that did not qualify for the playoffs will get at least one game on May 6th and May 13th.  May 6th games should now appear in team's online schedules. Games for May 13th will be uploaded soon.  

Teams that qualify for the playoff brackets will play at least one game on Saturday, May 6th. Teams that win on the 6th will play one or two games on Saturday, May 13th. Teams that lose their game on the 6th will play at least one consolation game on the 13th.

Final seedings are below.  Click on the link above each division to see the playoff bracket.

A1 (Edited to reflect head to head tie breaker missed in earlier version)

  1. Bertchi A Green
  2. West Woodland
  3. Three Cedars
  4. JSIS
  5. Eton
  6. View Ridge A2
  7. Daniel Bagley
  8. Beacon Hill

A2 (Edited to reflect head to head tie breaker missed in earlier version)

  1. Evergreen
  2. SCDS
  3. Hazel Wolf
  4. Laurelhurst 
  5. Rainier View
  6. Salmon Bay
  7. Cascadia Orange A2
  8. University Co-op Tacos

B1 Division

  1. Pacific Crest
  2. Bertchi B1 Red
  3. WUF
  4. Thurgood Marshall B1
  5. Leschi Madronutz
  6. Thornton Creek Green
  7. Bryant Redtails
  8. UCDS UFOs


  1. Eton Yellow
  2. Sacajawea
  3. Macdonald Disc Jockeys
  4. Salmon Bay 
  5. Sanislo Allstars A
  6. Sandpoint
  7. Cascadia Blue
  8. Bright Water


  1. Evergreen
  2. Eastside Tigers
  3. University Co-op Smiling Demons
  4. Cascadia Yellow
  5. Bryant Goshawks
  6. SCDS Wildcats
  7. WUF Gang
  8. Laurelhurst 3/4 B


  1. Thurgood Marshall
  2. JSIS C2
  3. JSIS C1
  4. Hazel Wolf C
  5. Three Cedars
  6. Salmon Bay
  7. Green Lake
  8. Eton Phoenix Elementary 3