Spring Reign (2017)

Team Charles Wright high school A

Team Information

Team Type
Team Level
High School
Mei Ge, Michael Tucci
Riley Meinershagen, christopher hoppin, David Parker
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Tacoma WA
This is mainly a freshman team. CWA's high school team opitimizes our athletic mission of "Creating a life long love of fitness". At CWA ultimate is club level sport. We have tried to make it an official season, but have had no luck (yet:-) As a result players participating do so for the love of the game, being together and competition. They do morning practices before school, help other high schools set up teams, organize weekend scrimmages and all of this for no sports or activities credits. Despite the lack or recognition or time set aside for the sport we still have over 80 kids in our upper school ultimate club!

Roster — Spring Reign (2017)

24 players (16M/8F)

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Spring Reign (2018) Assigned
Spring Reign (2017) Assigned
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