Spring Reign (2017)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Burlington, WA


Every player, coach, and chaperone is responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules.


Refund Policy

  • March 20 - March 24 - Teams withdrawing during this period will receive a full refund (minus a 5% administrative fee for payments made by credit card).

  • March 27 - March 31 - Teams that were awarded a bid on March 18 forfeit 25% of their tournament fee. Teams that were awarded a bid on March 25 will receive a full refund (minus a 5% administrative fee for payments made by credit card).

  • April 3 - April 7 - Any team withdrawing in this time frame will forfeit half of its tournament fee.

  • After April 7 - No refunds will be issued for any team withdrawing during this period.



  • For the safety of the youth players, teams must have at least 14 players on their roster (at least 6 of each gender). The gender ratio is 4:3 for all games. Before each pull, the offense decides if that 4:3 ratio is boys:girls or girls:boys, and the defense must match.  A team that cannot field enough of either gender must "play down" (i.e., compete with fewer players) so that it has no more boys or girls on the field than its opponent.

  • All players on a team must attend the same school. Please review the DiscNW Eligibility Rules for more information. Teams should be prepared to fill a roster with enough boys and girls that attend the same school before accepting a bid. Rare exceptions are made, but they must be approved in advance by the Eligibility Committee. Exceptions that are granted are valid for only one year. Decisions made in previous years do not serve as a precedent; teams should not assume that a similar exception will be granted a second time. Applications are due by March 11.
  • An athlete may play on only one team in the tournament. Players may not be shared between rosters.


Age Divisions

There will be tournaments for elementary school, middle school, and high school teams. Players must participate in the appropriate age division. Exceptions to the grade levels named below are extremely rare. Please review the Eligibility Rules for more information.

  • Middle School - grades 6-8

  • High School - grades 9-12


Safety and Supervision

  • All teams are required to have an actively involved adult chaperone at the field with them at all times. That chaperone must be at least 21 years of age. The chaperone must participate in all game time communications, be fully present for all games, mentor any younger coaches, and step forward if something should go awry on the field or on the sidelines.
  • Illegal substances, alcoholic beverages, and smoking are prohibited at the tournament site and at any related activities; noncompliance by any player or team representative shall result in disqualification of that person's entire team.

  • Tents may be used in only in areas where they can be at least 3 yards from any field's sideline (this means no tents on the sidelines except where there are no adjacent fields). Generally, players and spectators should make every effort to keep all objects, especially large and rigid items like bags, strollers, chairs, and coolers, as far away from the playfield as possible. Event personnel reserve the right to move or remove objects or spectators if the conditions are deemed unsafe for players, staff, or spectators.



  • In the case of a tie for standings, the tie-break formats described in the USA Ultimate Manual of Tournament Formats will be employed.

Caps and Game Totals

See the Official Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition for definitions of caps (VA1).

  • Games to 13, win by 2, with a point cap at 15 (unless otherwise stated by a tournament official). 

  • There will be no soft time cap. A horn will sound for the hard time cap at 75 minutes after the start of the round.  In the hard time cap, finish the current point.  If one team is ahead, then the game is over.  If the score is tied, play one additional point to determine the winner.

  • Prior to each game, coaches are responsible for communicating with one another to ensure that both teams understand the time rules. Games cannot run late, because rounds will begin promptly at their scheduled time.


Please review the Official Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition for information on timeouts (VI).

  • 2 timeouts per half.

  • Please limit timeouts to 90 seconds!

  • Each team is permitted exactly one timeout in overtime, regardless of how many they had remaining in regulation time. According to the Official Rules of Ultimate, "overtime" occurs when teams are tied at one goal less than the game total (so, at 12-12 for Spring Reign 2015). 

  • Timeouts are permitted during a hard cap.


  • Halftime occurs when one team first reaches, or exceeds, half of the game total (so, at 7 goals for Spring Reign 2017).

  • There will be a 5 minute timeout at halftime.  To start the second half, teams shall mirror the game-start situation. For example, if team A pulled from the south end zone to start the game, then team B will pull from the south end zone to start the second half.