HS Volunteer Leadership and Coach Training (2017)

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High school ultimate players can learn leadership and coaching skills while giving back to the Seattle middle school ultimate community at our Mini Moho clinics!

This experience is designed to develop and grow the hard and soft skills needed to confidently lead and facilitate ultimate practices, clinics and more.

Participants will specifically train and practice speaking publicly, demonstrating basic techniques, providing constructive feedback and promoting friendly, competitive play with a focus on spirit of the game.

The series will include four 2-3 hour training sessions and three 3 hour coaching sessions. 

During training sessions, coaches will develop practice plans, create drills, practice public speaking and learn leadership skills.

Coaching sessions will allow participants to implement the practice plans and skills while teaching ultimate to middle school players from all over Seattle. 

Some snacks and refreshments will be provided for participants.

Before registering, PLEASE make sure you can make all of the dates! The trainings will provide valuable support for leadership, and the clinics will provide practice for those skills.




Important Dates

Registration Deadline January 19th 8pm
Training Session #1 2100 Building Art Room 10am-12pm
Saturday, January 21st  
Training Session #2 2100 Building Art Room  5-7pm Monday, January 23rd 
Training Session #3 2100 Building Art Room 10am-12pm January 28th
Training Session #4 Montlake 9am-12pm  January 29th 
Mini Moho #1 Montlake 9am-12pm Sunday, February 12th 
Mini Moho #2 Jefferson 9am-12pm Monday, February 20th
Mini Moho #3 Genesee 12:30-4:30 Saturday, February 25th