Winter Coed Pickup (2017)

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Hat League
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Seattle, WA

Seattle Pickup & DiscNW

Pickup games have long been an ultimate tradition, and Seattle has been no exception. They are a great way to foster an ultimate community. Additionally, leagues have also been an important way for DiscNW to fulfill its mission and to serve local players.


A Brief History of Wednesday Night Pickup

  • Wednesday night pickup games used to be at Washington Park on the old dirt/cinder playing surface
  • There were two games at Washington Park: one with a pretty high level of competition/skill, another that was less so skilled but that was very beginner/intermediate player friendly
  • The purpose for these games from the DiscNW perspective:
    • Have a good place for beginners to learn the game
    • Have a good place for ultimate players new to Seattle to play and network
    • Provide a fun playing opportunity to the Seattle community
    • And… having more playing opportunities = more people playing and learning the sport = more people playing in other DiscNW events
  • We generally play “last back”, and lines will often form at the goal lines for players to enter the game each point
  • The games are coed with a flexible gender ratio depending on turnout
  • When the new synthetic fields at Magnuson were completed, the game moved there – Hooray! Folks were glad to leave that awful dirt field at Washington Park
  • For various reasons, in the winter of 2016 we expect to have a reservation at Jefferson on the synthetic fields on Wednesday evenings for 3 hours – we will not have the Magnuson space
    • Wednesday evening coed ultimate and goaltimate pickup games will take place at Jefferson between January 6 and February 3
    • On February 10, 17, and 24 there will be coed goaltimate pickup from 6:30-8:30pm, and ultimate pickup from 8:30-9:30pm only (the Men's League will use the ultimate fields before then)
    • Using some of this Wednesday space men's play instead of coed pickup does impact the number and quality of playing opportunities for women. However, we were able to successfully expand the Winter Women's League to accommodate 16 teams - up from 12 last year. And during the course of the 3 week Men's League, there will be coed goaltimate pickup at Jefferson*. There will also be ultimate pickup games on some Sundays this winter - see the Winter Pickup page for details.
  • Wednesday pickup fields cost about $2K for a season (8-9 weeks of games)


A Brief History of Weekend Pickup

  • There was also a pickup game on Saturday, but I am not sure what year that started vAs Winter League grew to need more space on Saturdays, it didn’t make as much sense to have a pickup game on the same day, and DiscNW reserved some fields on Sundays for pickup – unfortunately, the reservations were for inconsistent locations and times (Woodland Park at 1PM one week, Washington Park at 4:45PM the next)
  • This past winter (January & February of 2015), DiscNW did not schedule Sunday/weekend pickup
  • Instead the fields were used for a new boys league (the girls league was on Saturday mornings at Montlake)
  • In the winter of 2016, the boys league will move to Saturday afternoons, freeing up the Sunday fields again
  • Weekend pickup will return to the irregular Sunday schedule in 2016
    • Sunday games are scheduled for January 10 - February 7
    • Fields on February 14 will be used for a Goaltimate tournament
    • Fields on February 21 & 28 will be used for youth programs: YCC Tryouts and Mini-Moho
    • Tentatively, space is available on March 6 at Washington Park from 4:45-7:45pm
  • Weekend fields cost about $1.6K for a season (most reservations don't need lights)


Other DiscNW Winter Ultimate Events

  • Resolutions - Celebrate the new year in this one-day team tournament.
  • Winter Team League - Offers a chance for established teams to get together and play during the colder months. The league provides an opportunity for teams to keep exercising in winter and to tune-up their games for spring.
  • Tacoma Winter Indoor League - run in conjunction with Tacoma Metro Parks District.  Join us for about 9-10 games of intense indoor ultimate fun!
  • Winter Women's League - A multi-week draft league for women 18 and older of all skill levels to play single-gender ultimate in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.
  • Winter Men's League - For players seeking to get in shape for spring club team tryouts or the pro team season, or for those just looking for a high level playing experience.
  • Goaltimate Tournament - A new coed hat event on the holiday weekend with 4-on-4 goaltimate.