Winter Mixed HS League (2017)

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Team League
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Post-Season Policy

DiscNW limits the teams that compete in bracket play in order to A) notify teams as early as possible of their game times and locations, B) simplify seeding and formats, and C) address growing field space concerns.  

Teams must be available to play both days of the playoffs to be eligible for playoffs. 

Post-Season Format

Post-season play occurs on the last weekend of the league following regular season play. The top 4 teams from each pool (as determined by the seeding criteria) advance to the playoff brackets.

  • A standard 4 team playoff bracket and pairings (1v4, 2v3.) will be the first option.
  • All playoff bracket teams will receive two scheduled games 
  • For those teams not in the top 4 of the pool we do our best to ensure they will receive at least one consolation game – more if field space allows, but this is not guaranteed.

If there are fewer than 4 teams in a division, the League Coordinators will develop a custom post-season format.

In either case, teams may be moved up or down pools to complete brackets.  We may create small round robin pools to create post season play opportunities for teams that do not easily fit within brackets.

Additional Post-Season Eligibility Rules

  • All teams must abide by all league rules during the season; failure to do so may result in that team’s exclusion from post-season play.
  • In order to be eligible for post-season play, a team must report all of its game scores and Spirit scores promptly. Scores for the final week of regular season play must be reported no later than 11:59pm on the following Sunday.
  • Teams with a season Spirit average of less than 3 will not be allowed to participate in post-season play.

Seeding Criteria

The first seeding criterion will be pool record, based on winning percentage.

If it is a two-way tie, the following criteria will be considered in the order listed:

  1. Head to head in league play.
  2. Season Spirit of the Game average.
  3. Pool goal differential.
  4. Pull a name out of a hat.

If three (or more) teams are tied, the following criteria will be considered in the order listed:

  1. Record against teams involved in tie in league play.
  2. Goal differential in games played against tied teams in league play.
  3. Season Spirit of the Game average.
  4. Overall pool goal differential.
  5. Pull name(s) out of a hat.