DiscNW Board Meeting Notes

DiscNW Board Meeting Notes, February 12, 2003

DiscNW Board Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2003
Convened 7:00 pm

Present were Mike Keran, Executive Director; President Anne-Marie Wissman; V-P Josh Monoghan; Treasurer Jessica Dorr; Secretary Jim O'Donnell; Ray Birks; Ian Ferguson; Colleen O'Rollins; Chris Burke. Absent were Ryan Seguine, Kim Blakemore.

  1. The minutes of the Board's January 16 and January 30 meetings were ratified unanimously.
  2. Discussion of letter to volunteer regarding communication improvements.
  3. Executive Director report: Our total assets of $70,709.67 (all cash except for $2,145 in accounts receivable) is up 10.9% from last year at this time. Some funds were moved to a higher yield account. The ED is investigating increasing our unused $25,000 line of credit to increase future financial flexibility. Spring league sign-ups have started with youth sign-ups coming soon. Vern's league sign ups start in a week. We have fields for the girls league but no organizers and efforts to recruit them are continuing. Slog in the Bog tourney registration has started. Dangle Wrangle is up in the air due to a lack of confirmation from organizers, which may lead to its cancellation. Potlatch has been announced on rec.sport.disc, work continues on the logo design and it is hoped that the initial website will be up and running soon. Mike Mullen has expressed interest in being the overall DiscNW youth coordinator.
  4. Strategic Planning. The Board brainstormed as to potential three year and one year goals for DiscNW, moderated by the ED, which took up most of the meeting, and reviewed some past strategic planning.
  5. Communications: discussion of how to get more/better media coverage for Potlatch. Communications committee will look into.
  6. Schedule: Potential dates for future board meetings were discussed.
  7. Josh gave an overview of the five lecture leadership series to begin the end of this month, which is fully subscribed at 40 participants, generally consisting of local team captains interested in improving their teams.

The meeting was adjourned.


"Our mission as a non-profit organization is to promote and support growth in the Sport of Ultimate, while instilling the Spirit of Sportsmanship at all levels of play."

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