DiscNW Board Meeting Notes

DiscNW Board Meeting Notes, December 16, 2002

Present were ED, Mike Keran; President, Anne-Marie Wissman; Vice-President, Josh Monaghan; Treasurer, Jessica Dorr; Jim O'Donnell; Chris Burke; Colleen O'Rollins; Ian Ferguson; Ryan Seguine; Ray Birks.

The meeting began at 7:10 p.m.

  1. Secretary Jim O'Donnell was unanimously elected Secretary of the Board.

  2. Executive Director Report

    Winter league is expanded to 24 teams from 14. Hangover tourney signups have started. Megan Bushnell is interested in running a women's version of the Gnarly Nines tourney, probably in late February. Mike Glick, a CPA with pertinent experience (and an ultimate player!) has been hired to help with our accounting. Our balance sheet shows current assets of $69,207.49, down 6.9% from this time last year. Year to date net income is -$1,115.61, down from $13,397.72 at this time last year, basically due to ED salary. The draft budget for 2003 is well under way, with proposed league fees of $500 per team and $33 per person (up from $400 per team and $25 per person last year). Increases are due to substantial increases in fields costs. A draft budget was distributed and discussed. He is writing a letter of recommendation to the Women's Sports Foundation for a travel and training grant on behalf of Riot.

  3. Volunteer Resignation

    The Board continued its recent discussions issues related to openness, communication and accountability in light of the recent resignation of a volunteer league co-commissioner and his thoughts on those issues. Agreed that Chris, Anne-Marie and Mike will prepare a letter to him.

  4. Observers at Board Meetings

    The Board discussed whether and the terms upon which non-board members should be permitted to attend Board meetings. Attendance for limited time periods to provide information useful to the Board for specific purposes was agreed and not debated. Attendance for the purpose of observing was discussed. Concerns as to impact on the efficiency of working meetings were weighed against the desire to be as open as possible. A motion to allow visitors to observe board meetings except for executive session and ED report, and upon prior notice to Board, was passed. All voted in favor except Jim. Jessica to draft proposed policy.

  5. Communications Committee

    A motion to create a Communications Committee passed unanimously. Jessica to chair, Josh and Jim members. Two additional members from outside board to be selected, preferably with relevant professional skills. Attached is initial proposed communications plan prepared by Jessica.

  6. Annual Open Meeting Debriefing

    ED summarized the written comments made at the December 8, 2002 open meeting. Discussion re possible changes for next year to increase turnout and better recognize volunteers, including scheduling farther in advance and trying for a location with turf fields.

  7. Membership Proposal

    This was the third meeting with continued spirited discussion of this topic. The membership committee reported back with a modified proposal. The ED explained the mechanics of the membership proposal, including privacy of member information, payment procedures, renewals and web design. The Board discussed whether to have a free membership option designed to maximize belonging and sense of community, especially for those on low budgets or new to ultimate. Concern about adverse impact on revenue raising plus not wanting to set precedent for future for always having a free option were raised. A motion to have a free membership option was passed by a 5-4 vote, with Jim, Ray, Josh, Colleen and Ian for, and Chris, Jessica, Anne-Marie and Ryan against. A draft sign up form was discussed. A motion to implement a membership system that is 1) voluntary, 2) annual, 3) not tied to league fees or sign-ups, and 4) carries no voting rights was passed unanimously. ED to work on mechanics of implementing.

  8. Putting Info on DiscNW web site

    Consistent with prior Board discussions seeking to improve communication to the DiscNW community re its proceedings, minutes from the October and November Board meetings were reviewed and adopted. Agreed to post these on the DiscNW web site, along with all future Board minutes. Financial statements are on website and improved links to them will be made. Discussion in support of making such information timely available on web site. It was agreed to ratify minutes at the next Board meeting, with the secretary to circulate drafts for comment in advance.

  9. Potlatch

    Ryan reported that the Red Hook Brewery site has been secured for the Potlatch tourney party.

  10. Agenda for future meetings

    Anne-Marie discussed agenda for the January Board meeting, including a presentation by Fields Committee representatives (non-board members), and the February Board meeting. Discussion of other possible items for near-term agendas, including a vote on a DiscNW privacy policy, discussion of potential new revenue sources, exploration of a capital plan, grants, scholarships, and insurance, among other items.

  11. Working notebooks

    Agreed to compile working materials for all Board members, including bylaws, existing polices, and other information pertinent to conduct of Board business.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.


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