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DiscNW Board Meeting Minutes: July 25, 2005

  • Start time: 7:22
  • Attendees: Jessica, Chris, Mike M, Jimmy, Dave, William, Kristen Dailey (guest)
  • Dave ran the meeting due to Barney’s absence.
  • William taking over secretary duties in Mike K’s absence.
  • Summer Camp Report from Mike Mullen
    • Mike reported that camp is going great! There are 172 registered campers and about $25,000 revenue so far. Parents and campers are very satisfied.
    • Chris requested a budget which Mike will provide.
    • Dave Dreher spoke to Dave Johnson in Tukwila about running a camp there next summer.
    • Mike indicated that he wants to run camp under DiscNW in order to have better control over money, wages, and equipment. The long term goal is to make Seattle Camps the biggest and the best. There have not been many high school volunteers; some recent high school graduates are paid as counselors.
  • Budget Discussion and Treasurer’s Report
    • Chris Burke, our new Treasurer, led this discussion and started by indicating that overall our summer leagues are operating in the black. Masters Hat might break even if all participants pay. Mens is a loser this year due to field (and lights cost).
    • Chris talked about his prototype of budget template and plans for better control over DiscNW finances.
    • Oversight of ED and Seattle fields payments for now to be done by Chris. Chris and ED will meet regularly.
    • In an effort to improve physical protection of assets a key policy for storage locker will be implemented. No one will receive a stipend until their key is returned.
    • Mike introduced a discussion about control of surplus funds from leagues, tournaments, or camps. Currently we can ensure that successful programs are met with greater fiscal support in future years by checking on budgets and accounts. Organizers can petition the board for use of these excess funds in the following year.
    • Chris reported that right now we only have a general fund. All proceeds from DiscNW events go to the general fund. Restricted funds are different and we do not yet have any of these, but we can move in this direction when we engage in such fundraising. Dave pointed out that parents of campers are ready to be the big donors, so we have to get ready for this kind of fund management
  • Kristen Dailey on the UPA
    • Kristen, Northwest Representative on the UPA Board of Directors, paid a visit to the DiscNW board meeting to touch base and discuss recent actions of the UPA. The UPA is in the middle of a strategic planning process that will have to involve taking lots of input. The project is large scope and has a long timeline. |
    • Main topics from of the project include….
    • League Outreach (Kristen heads the UPA committee on this topic)
    • Utilizing Volunteers
    • Marketing and Media
    • Role in the International Scene
    • College & Youth Issues
    • Club Issues (specifically as it relates to the Fall Series)
    • The UPA is a governing body around the rules, observers, and tourney format. How can the UPA respond to changes in ultimate, SotG, and keep a cohesive brand of ultimate in the US?
    • We discussed information technology capacity in the UPA, staffing, resources, sponsorship, risk management, and SotG as they relate to value that the UPA can add to local ultimate.
    • Currently, the UPA is in an information gathering stage. The DiscNW board will continue to work with Kristen and the UPA to provide ideas and input.
  • ED Evaluation
    • The absent Mike K is still tasked with completing an evaluation of the ED’s job performance.
  • New Board Member Update
    • This discussion was led by Dave. The new member review committee will present recommendations by next board meeting. New members will be added to the board in time for next annual meeting & retreat.
    • Currently we have 3 applications. The review committee follow up with them.
    • The idea to having a new member application process all year (as opposed to just once a year) was met with general agreement. The creation of a formal process for this was tabled.
  • Next Month’s Agenda
    • William and Chris will give a status report on UPA league committee activity.
    • Recommendations for new board members will be discussed.
    • Next steps in the ED evaluation will be taken.
    • Meeting minutes from the last 3 months will be discussed if email approval is not completed.
  • ED Report
    • William gave highlights from the ED report. There was a discussion about issues raised as part of the oversight of YCC. In the end the board was satisfied with the job done by the ED and the head coach.
  • Motion to adjourn made by Jimmy and seconded by Mike. Motion carried at 9:02 pm.

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