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DiscNW Board Meeting Minutes: June 20, 2005

  • Meeting Start: 7:48
  • Attendees: Jessica, Chris Burke, Mike Mullen, Barney, Janna, William (note: Eric Mattson resigned last week, so 5 members make a quorum only 9 total members now)
  • Chris offers to host next 2 or 3 meetings.
  • William gave the ED Report.
    • Barney stressed that the lack of progress by the web team needs attention. William to increase efforts here.
    • Janna suggested creating a list of volunteers for appreciation and better visibility.
    • Chris is no longer all leagues coordinator; he suggested having a LCs meeting.
    • Chris starts his role as the new Treasurer.
  • Potlatch update by Janna
    • We need to pick a date for next year to make sure that we get the Pickering Barn.
    • Dave is back as fields guy at 60 Acres. This is good for DiscNW; we have a good relationship with him.
    • There is a wireless connection available at field.
    • There is a trailer on site for event use.
    • DiscNW will purchase more porta-fields at a good cost.
    • DiscNW will also buy 300+ new cones.
  • William gave a report on the priorities of Club and League ultimate.
    • League ultimate is very important fiscally to DiscNW.
    • Club ultimate is very important to promoting the sport.
    • Both have a big need for fields. The idea of creating a new method for field rentals is discussed.
    • Finding practice fields should be combined with the acquisition of league fields for ease.
    • Chris discussed the risks of reserving fields ahead of time and suggested having teams make a deposit for assigned practice fields.
    • Barney suggested a conservative approach.
    • Mike suggested that un-assigned practice fields can be used for other events (tournaments in am with pm club practice).
    • William discussed the administrative burden of such a practice and offered to create a proposal outlining policies, plans, risks, and benefits.
  • William requested guidance regarding DiscNW merchandise sales
    • There is a discussion of the relationship with Gaia and Potlatch.
    • The Board indicated that there should be no ads on the DiscNW website.
    • Special offers from vendors are okay to include in emails.
    • William to create proposals for any merchandise issues (including Potlatch)
  • Discussion of new Board Member recruitment
    • There was general consensus that weve stalled out on the process.
    • Janna indicated that itd be nice to have a document to describe what a board member does.
    • Janna will work to contact the Microsoft players to get them involved with DiscNW.
    • Barney stressed that time, interest, and ability to participate are most important qualifications.
    • Mike discussed the specific tasks of incoming board members. We should address the gaps in current board member competencies.
    • Jessica pointed out that we are 5 weeks out from the next board meeting and proposed the following timeline: 1 week to post info on the website. 3 weeks to recruit. 1 week to evaluate before July meeting. New members to start in August.
    • Mike offered that we should change our policy so that if a Board Member exits early (at some time in the middle of the year) that we engage a search process outside of regular annual process.
    • Jessica will write up the official job description and timeline for the search process.
  • Motion to adjourn made by Jessica and seconded by Mike. Motion carried at 9:37 pm.

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