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DiscNW Board Meeting Minutes: 16 May, 2005

  • Meeting opened at 7:23pm
  • Attending: MikeM, Janna, Barney, MikeK, Dave, William, Jessica. Absent: Barbara (on leave), Eric, Chris, Jimmy. Guest: Matt 'Skip' Sewell.
  • Previous meeting's minutes were read and approved. So moved by MikeM, Dave seconds, approved unanimously.
  • ED Report: See attached.
  • New board members:
    • Having an open-until-filled youth parent position on the board?
      • Preference for someone not already on the organizational side of things.
      • Provides legitimacy in the parents-world, different personal connections, additional skills (ideally fundraising).
      • Youth parent: defined as the investment tha tthey have in youth events? defined loosely or recruiting specific people. Target sports boosters. Defined as 'has a kid playing now or in the next year in a DiscNW youth league'
    • Barney moves, MikeM seconds, to create the youth-parent board position. Approved unanimously.
    • Jessica annouced her decision to step down from the board at the end of her term.
    • Chris Burke has announced his decision to continue on the board for a second term.
    • Move to approve Chris burke for a second term: MikeK, Dave D seconds. Approved unanimously.
    • Committee: Barney, William, and Dave. Deliverables: talking points, recruiting strategy, collecting recruiting possibility.
  • High profile events:
    • William sumbitted a white paper to the board.
    • HS Westerns, YCC (24 teams), UPA College Championships (32 teams), Club Champs (late Oct, bad weather), WFDF: World Clubs, World Champs, bid deadlines 2 - 3 years out, 30 - 60 teams each.
    • CNats in 2004: broke even financially, good experience working with UPA, VC, sponsorship. Huge volunteer effort!
    • Westerns: big success, probably break even.
    • YCC: should probably keep it in MN (room to expand, centrally located).
    • WFDF events: much larger than UPA events: housing, feeding, transportation, week-long event.
    • FPA: Worlds is at Greenlake this year. High exposure, DiscNW has only peripherially involved with.
    • We're also already involved in many high profile events: Potlatch (94 - 100 adult teams), SR (54 youth teams).
    • Is our effort better spent promoting events locally: clinics, tourneys, etc.
    • Money: if UPA/WFDF events break even, you're doing good.
    • Why host? Raises image of the sport (part of our mission) and our organization. Shorter travel for local teams.
    • Expenses: lots of volunteer effort. sidetracks our efforts elsewhere.
    • Recommendation: submit bids for Westerns. No larger tourneys for the next five years.
    • How about hosting ECC? Yes, coordinate with Bellingham.
  • Membership update: could be on-line as early as next week. Need final copy-editing and some research on on-line donation receipts.
  • Executive review committee: MikeK, MikeM. To report at the next meeting with goals for William.
  • Board Retreat: The idea of a board retreat/planning session was discussed
  • Action items:
    • DaveD: Write help-wanted blurb for open-until-filled youth parent position.
    • William to lead discussion on League and Elite Ultimate.
  • Agenda items for next meeting:
    • League and Elite Ultimate.
    • Board meeting retreat. When? Focus?
  • Move to quit: 9:24pm

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