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DiscNW Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes from the 18 April, 2005 DiscNW Board meeting

  • Meeting opened at 7:23pm
  • Attending: JimmyO, MikeM, Janna, Barney, MikeK, Dave. Late: William. Absent: Barbara (on leave), Eric, Jessica, Chris. Guest: Matt 'Skip' Sewell
  • Previous meeting's minutes were read and approved.
  • Potlatch update:
    • 86 bids so far
    • Walking the fields tomorrow.
    • Showers and party location are finalized.
    • The Board has requested team locations (ie: where they are from) to be posted on the website.
    • Bid window closes on the 21st with probable extension
    • Shaykut joining the team as co-TD in training (yea!)
  • Fields update:
    • City council voted to accept the watered down version of height-pole variance.
    • Agreed to create voting rating for various council members using this issue as a yardstick.
  • Update on summer youth camps:
    • Roger, William and MikeM met re: camps. (No longer doing a partnership with Seattle Parks).
    • DiscNW will be handling all money, stipends to volunteer help, and salary to Roger and MikeM as contractors. ADP will handle payroll and tax witholdings.
    • MikeM and Roger: $20/hour for each hour they are teaching. Total of about $4k max if they are at all the camps for all the hours (this is our maxmimum coach's salary outlay). First $4k profit from the camps goes to MikeM and Roger ($2k each). Budgeted 10% DiscNW overhead fee.
    • Coaches will be paid on sliding scale based on experience on a stipend basis ($300 for adults for half-day session, half that for student coaches).
    • Aiming to keep all other's stipends less than $1000.
    • Approx 10 -12 kids needed in a given session to break even.
  • Motion to approve the following: a waiver of conflict of interest of MikeM's participation as a paid contractor, partnering with Seattle Youth Summer Camps. Jimmy so moves, MikeK seconds, approved unanimously, MikeM abstains.
  • Motion to approve the following: that a minimum per-session enrollment level be set to insure the camp's financial solvency and minimize DiscNW financial risk. MikeK so moves, Jimmy seconds, approved unanimously, MikeM abstains.
  • Summer league:
    • Fields reservation has started. Many in Shoreline, Seattle has not yet gotten back to us.
    • Half League coords in place plus some new candidates.
    • Registration planned to be opened 4 - 6 weeks before the first game (early - mid May).
    • League starts 20 June - 22 Aug.
  • YCC:
    • Selected Ben Wiggens and Miranda Roth as head coaches for the team.
    • Reserving fields for tryouts and practices. They are picking assistant coaches.
    • Once they have the fields, DiscNW will be minimally invovled.
    • Expecting a year-long committment.
    • Hoping to keep interest going into a fall hat league where coaches/organizers could recieve a stipend.
  • High profile event applications:
    • Do we want to continue trying to host these events in Seattle, is it a good use of our time and money?
    • Also, how much support to we give our elite level teams.
    • Suggested we come up with a position paper to outline the pluses and minuses of hosting these tourneys.
  • New board members: The board prioritized skills it is looking for when recruiting new members.
  • ED report was distributed online following the meeting. See attached.
  • The final 2005 budget was distributed online following the meeting to allow all board members to vote. Chris moves to approve the budget, Jimmy seconds. Approved: 8 - 0. Barbara (on leave) abstains.
  • Action items:
    • Field advocacy committee: grading of council members
    • William: to write a one paragraph description of the conflict of interest issue with MikeM.
    • William: to write a position paper on high-profile events.

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