DiscNW Board Meeting Notes

Board Meeting Notes, Nov 5th, 2002

Meeting opened at 7:15 pm.

In attendance:
Anne Marie Wissman, Josh Monaghan, Jane Meseck, Mike Keran, Ian Ferguson, Jimmy O'Donnell, Kristen Lenhart, Ryan Seguine, Ray Birks. Chris Burke was present by speaker-phone for the membership discussion.

Executive Director Report:

  • Fall hat/draft and team league are finishing up. End of season party is on 22 Nov at the Fremont UNconvention Center.
  • UW one-day tournament on the 17th of this month in Burlington.
  • Turkey [[Bowl]] bowl announced for 1 Dec.
  • ChickFlick signups started. Tournament scheduled for 7 Dec.
  • Hangover dates announced: 4/5 Jan.
  • No news yet on Dangle Wrangle (men's hat) or Slog in the Bog.
  • Sand Point/Magnuson fundraising position: it was suggested that we contact Bill Nye (a.k.a., Bill Nye, the Science Guy, who was a long time Spring League player) to see if he's interested in helping us promote the sport. Jimmy is going to get Mike his contact information.
  • Suggestion was made to look into investing in a security deposit box for valuable records (eg: original logo). Mike will look into the cost of security box at the local banks -- probably Wells Fargo as that's who we do most our banking with.
  • As of January, Seattle Parks is increasing field costs across the board for all users. Expect to see an increase in our league fees as a result of passing on this cost.

Potlatch Report:
We've lost the Red Hook Brewery as a party location and are currently researching alternate locations that can handle 2000 Ultimate players.

Annual Meeting:

  • Date was set for 8 Dec.
  • Chris Burke and Mike will be heading this effort, Kristen will help with publicizing it, Anne Marie and Jane will help with day-of coordination.
  • Agreed to provide some food/drink, offer a pickup game before the meeting if fields are available and include volunteer awards.

Membership discussion:
After much discussion about the second version of the membership proposal, the Board asked the Committee to present a revised proposal at the next Board meeting considering the following framework:

  • Non-mandatory.
  • Consider tiers of membership for different donation amounts
  • Should we include a free membership option?
  • Offer gifts for some dollar amount donations.
  • Try to minimize bombarding our community with info unless they ask for it (ie: opt-in).
  • Do not address membership voting for either issues or board membership. These entail changes to the governance structure, which is a different discussion.
  • Membership signup is an administratively separate process from league signups, possibly in a separate on-line location.
  • Present a draft signup form

Fields committee:
The Board gave approval for Mike to set up a fields scheduling committee to help schedule fields for tournaments, leagues and team practices. It will include volunteers who act as DiscNW representatives to a given city as well as representatives from tournaments (Ryan), leagues (Chris), and various teams looking for practice fields (for example, RIOT, Sockeye, Shazam, KWA, Marmalade, and the new women's team to start ). The goals are to promote fair field allocation, (considering historical usage, among other factors), and to establish fewer contact points with parks officials, thereby increasing efficiency and Ultimate's legitimacy in the community that controls field allocation.

"Our mission as a non-profit organization is to promote and support growth in the Sport of Ultimate, while instilling the Spirit of Sportsmanship at all levels of play."

Northwest Ultimate Association
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