DiscNW Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the 20 September, 2004 DiscNW Board meeting.

  • Meeting opened at 7:30pm. Minutes recorded by Mike Keran.
  • Attending: Chris Burke, 'Bunny' Bartram, Wilma Comenat, Anne Marie Wissman, Jessica Dorr, Mike Mullen, Dave Dreher, Barney Ahouse, Janna Hamacker and Mike Keran. Absent: Eric Mattson, Barbara Gordon, Angie Chung and Jim O'Donnell.
  • Since the secretary was absent, no previous meeting's minutes were read or approved.
  • ED Report: (submitted to the board before the meeting via email)
    • Collaborated with Jacob Kosman on a web team proposal. Would like board to approve (or not) this month as we have some people willing to help but waiting for an answer.
    • Have been working with Ann Marie, Barney and Jim on membership. We are almost done! Plans are to hand over the final draft to the web team to include in our website.
    • Still waiting to get actual insurance policy to determine if we need D&O insurance.
    • Obtained and moved to a larger storage unit at the same location. We'll pay less for the larger unit thanks to a Shurgard special.
    • Fall hat league sign-ups have decreased from 24 to 16 teams this year. People have different theories on why this happened. One theory is that there are more women only teams that are playing in the UPA fall series. Another is that some of the elite women have not signed up due to schedule conflicts. I'll be reviewing all this with the league coordinators and Chris Burke.
    • Fall team leagues have the maximum 26 teams signed up.
    • Doug Baker has volunteered to coordinate the fall youth hat league.
    • Identified coaches for various clinics but will wait until after tonight's meeting before proceeding.
    • Attended fall hat and team league captain's meetings just to educate myself.
    • Laid out (but did not publicize) preliminary overall plans for various parts of DiscNW including leagues, tournaments, clinics, marketing, youth and advocacy (i.e.- potential league sponsors, clinic series). Will adjust plans based on tonight's meeting and then work with volunteers to finalize and implement plans.
    • Financials as of 9/17/04 are:
      Budget YTD Actual % of budget
      Revenue $228,022.51 $220,880.61 96.87%
      Expenses -$217,511.37 -206,868.19 95.11%
      Total (rev-exp) $10,511.14 $14,012.42 133.31%
      • ED salary from past months has not been completely entered. Will be completed by next month.
      • There is about $4,000 in field practice rentals still due from various teams.
    • Plans for next month:
      • Upon approval, revamp web team and start process of redesigning website.
      • Depending on tonight's outcome, proceed with plans for various aspects of our business.
  • New board members (Dave, Bunny, Janna, Mike) were introduced. Current board members, Angie and Anne Marie, announced they will be stepping down. They leave with our appreciation for the work they have done for DiscNW.
  • Board members discussed their top-five priorities over the next 3-5 years to help provide guidance to the ED for day to day operations. The Board and ED reviewed and discussed the following items:
    • Do you feel the mission of DiscNW is still accurate?
    • Do we support Spirit of the game?
    • How to you envision DiscNW carrying out this mission?
    • How would you design DiscNW to fulfill the mission? How would you design the organization if you were staring from scratch?
    Based on the discussion, the board agreed to divide the board oversight of DiscNW operations into eight standing committees: Volunteer recruitment, Outreach, Communication, Youth, Field Advocacy, Leagues, Fundraising, and Membership.
  • The board discussed the webteam's proposal to fund a webteam lead position and provide addition money for increased stipends. The timeline of the proposal was amended and more specific goals added. Chris moved to approve amended proposal, Dave seconded. Approved unanimously.
  • Discussion about the ED Annual Review process was tabled until next month's meeting.
  • Dave told us that he is running for an elected position on the UPA's board of directors.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:49pm.

"Our mission as a non-profit organization is to promote and support growth in the Sport of Ultimate, while instilling the Spirit of Sportsmanship at all levels of play."

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