DiscNW Board Meeting Notes

DiscNW Board Meeting Notes, Feb 23, 2004

Meeting convened 7:00 pm

Present were: Mike Keran, Executive Director; President, Barney Ahouse; Vice-President, Jessica Dorr; Secretary Jim O'Donnell; Barbara Gordon; and Mike Mullen. Absent were: Anne-Marie Wissman, Ray Birks; Angela Chung; Eric Mattson Chris Burke

  1. Fields Advocacy - Discussion of testimony for 2/25 City Council Parks, Neighborhoods and Education Committee meeting public comment period. Reviewed who's doing field advocacy work from DNW and other groups. Set meeting for 3/1 of fields advocacy group. ED reported on overall plan and timelines for SP/Mag Park proposal: a) March, try to meet one on one with council members and their staff; b) noted 501(c)(3)limits on advocacy as the legislative process progresses; and c) reported on the success of our joint email campaign in conjunction with FAF to let the City Council know about field user support with over 1200 field users sending supportive emails to the City Council!. Discussed available methods to help passage of the SP/Mag proposal.
  2. Executive Director report: A. Financials: $73,432 in the bank. B. Leagues: Winter: are moving along and are scheduled through 2/28. Spring: Adult - sign-ups are started. Youth - signups started for High School mixed and open and Middle School. Verns League - runs 4/9 to 6/18. Summer 2003 update: KWA was refunded of entry fee for support of new league and DNW not following through. C. Tourneys: Slog in Bog signups are rolling for 3/6 Burlington event; Spring Reign dates are 3/27-28 Burlington for High School and 4/24-25 SP/Mag for Middle School. College Nationals - sponsorship packets out, volunteer website to be up soon.
  3. ED Hiring Update - The committee reported on inquiries received and timing of process.
  4. Fundraising - Barney reported on a fundraising seminar that he recently attended.
  5. Volunteer recruitment - We are trying to build a better volunteer infrastructure. Identified and clarified all existing committees and functional administrative units. For each, we will prioritize objectives/goals, create task lists with deadlines, define skill sets needed to do those tasks, and recruit volunteers. Goal is to improve organization to better tap into the talents and skills of our community by creating structure and more clearly defining opportunities for people to pitch in.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 pm.


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