DiscNW Board Meeting Notes

DiscNW Board Meeting Notes, Jan 26, 2004

Meeting convened 7:00 pm

Present were Mike Keran, Executive Director; President Barney Ahouse; Treasurer Eric Mattson; Secretary Jim O'Donnell; Anne Marie Wissman; Chris Burke; Mike Mullen; Barbara Gordon. Absent were Vice-President Jessica Dorr; Angela Chung ; Ray Birks

  1. The minutes of the Board's December 15, 2003 meeting were ratified 6-0 with one abstention.
  2. Executive Director report: A. Financial: $90,108 in the bank (30% more then last year) B. Leagues: Winter - all teams paid; Tacoma Hat - average financial results for a first time league; Spring - early planning ongoing for 20th anniversary, SP/Mag will be available for most of time needed for all leagues; Fall - still need to wrap up end of season surveys. C. Tourneys: Hangover - was a successful fundraiser for FAF. May expand to 16 teams next year. One day hat - Someone interested in running a February event contacted us too late to get it done. D. Organization: ED discussed looking into a new option to elect a change in organization form that would permit more lobbying.
  3. Field Advocacy: School levies coming up on 2/7 ballot, Bill Farmer and FAF are seeking volunteers for a get out the vote phone bank. One levy includes $10 million for school athletic field renovation. DNW is also sending a reminder to vote email. FOMP is planning an SP/Mag public forum to raise support for its position on 2/2. Some fields supporters to attend. "Build It Now" bumper stickers discussed.
  4. College Nationals Update: CS TV deal is inked. Need more volunteers. Logo has been approved. Hotel is reserved. Website is far along.
  5. Budget review: General review of end of year 2003 numbers. Discussed net profits from leagues, relatives cheapness of our leagues compared to other sports.
  6. Not for Profit Training - Discussed various websites, classes and organizations with resources for board members to be educated/trained.
  7. Executive Director Hiring Process - Set target time frame to have new ED in training before Potlatch so as to wind down spring and start up summer overlapped with old ED. Formed committee of BA, AMW, JO and JD for ED search.
  8. Membership - Board approved in 12/02. Once new ED hiring process is started, getting membership implemented is highest priority. ED will finish code for website. Jim will work with him on text/content. Barbara will do some focus groups to be done by March 7.

The meeting was adjourned.


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